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“Working with Lola helped me finally be myself.

My one-on-one sessions with Lola were gratifying not just because I could talk openly about spirit and soul and life with someone who gets it, but because I was able to have both a space to end painful cycles and a space to say, “I am here.” Thank you for seeing me. It’s been wonderful, amazing, eye-opening and so many other positive adjectives.”

Courtney Brackley | One-on-One Client & Student


“Lola helped me reframe what was essential for my peace and happiness.”

Words cannot really express what you and your family mean to me. I have never felt such love and non-judgement from anyone in my life. You have shown me and made me feel heard and seen, and most especially loved.

For the kid that felt like she was always looking in, and wanted to be accepted, you have always made me feel like I belong.

Monisha Ramgahan | One-on-One Client

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I’ve fought being here for so long. I’m here, I’m human. So I’m gonna be here dammit!

I stopped struggling to fit in and just, am. My relationships are deeper and filled with meaning. I stand up for myself … am more and more in my power. Put my house on the market; moved out. I’ve been uncomfortable more than I’ve had comfort, in the last year. Thank Goddess! ❤ I love you! I’m grateful for you.

Kristen Elliot | Student, Retreat Guest & Mentorship Client


I’m amazed at all of the ways Lola has infused my life.”

I started working with Lola following a period of enormous change in my life and work. Everything I knew seemed as though it had been turned upside and inside out. I felt completely exhausted and burnt out, and completely insecure about how I was meant to serve in the world. I’d started to lose hope that I’d be able to be deeply authentic and high-performing in my work while also honoring my desire to be present and joyful in my life and relationships.

Now, I’m amazed at all of the ways Lola has infused my life.  I look around at my home, my business, my marriage, my friendships, and so many other areas of my life to see and feel all the ways she helped me gently unravel my fear and worry so that I could BE more of who I really am. 

I would highly recommend Lola’s work to anyone looking to truly rise in their leadership.

Stephanie Burg | Student & Mentorship Client

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Needing support?

In addition to my nervous system supportive training — Empathology™ —, I work in a high-level mentorship capacity with a limited number of clients each year.

I love to dive in deep, on-on-one with humans looking to step into their power and purpose. We do that within a flexible multi-month container that culminates with an in-person (or two!) private retreat anywhere in the world.

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