Episode: 113

How to Create a More Magical Career

with Lola Pickett

Coming out of the broom closet, Lola shares the magical experiences that shaped her and shares her journey of reconnecting with the otherworldly.

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Show Notes

How to Create a More Magical Career

What do you do when you realize that the life you’re living isn’t one that resonates with you?

How do you transition from simply KNOWING something to ACTING on it—embracing and embodying change as you go? Where do you start?

In this week’s episode, Lola shares the steps she took to call back her power and create her TRUE dream life. Not the version that society portrays as successful, but one of truth, integrity, intuition, and magic.

Creating a magical career isn’t out of reach! If you’ve been stuck in a cycle of realization that only returns to a state of resignation and stagnation—if you’re ready to move forward and LET GO of non-beneficial situations—this is the episode for you!

Topics Covered with Lola

  • What pushed Lola to create a more resonant life for herself.
  • The barriers created by the inequitable conditions of our society.
  • Acknowledging the advantages of having a white body.
  • The truth about belief.
  • How to start calling your power back.
  • Lola’s experience in a career devoid of magic.
  • Realizing that the “dream life” isn’t always YOUR dream life.
  • The positive outcomes of a “dangerous” idea.
How to Create a More Magical Career with Lola Pickett

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