Episode: 063

Parenting as an Empath

with Lola Pickett + Upbringing.co's Hannah Olavarria & Kelty Green

In this episode, Lola chats with Hannah and Kelty of upbringing.co about raising empowered empaths when you, too, are an empath.

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Show Notes

Parenting as an empath and HSP is complex and challenging; especially if your child(ren) are also highly sensitive.

In this episode, Lola chats with Hannah and Kelty of upbringing.co about raising empowered empaths when you, too, are an empath. Their RESIST model of parenting shares 6 powers you can amplify in your children; or yourself if you are not a parent. Even if you don’t have children yourself, this episode shears ways that we can speak more kindly internally, resource ourselves when nerves get fried, and communicate our needs and boundaries in grounded, compassionate ways.

Topics Covered with Hannah Olavarria & Kelty Green

  • How Hannah and Kelty’s daughters helped them lean into the why of everything
  • How Hannah and Kelty gave birth to their daughters after their Aunt’s passing
  • What are the benefits of RIE parenting to Hannah and Kelty
  • Why unconscious way pof parenting does not work with Hannah and Kelty
  • How parenting in general is based on methods of control
  • What does CONTROL stands for
  • What is Hannah and Kelty’s RESIST approach
  • How Lola’s children are able to voice their own opinions
  • Children’s inner wisdom and authority
  • How to set boundaries with love
  • Having awareness when we set boundaries
  • How are we raising future people pleasers
  • Why it’s easy for empaths and highly sensitive people to feel victimized by their children
  • Favorite ways of Hannah and Kelty to replenish themselves
  • Starting to identify our own needs to our partners
  • Importance of not having to require our kids to meet our needs
  • How our kid’s stress behavior that makes us stressed is symptom of a root cause of a need
  • How perfection can be detrimental to our growth and skills development
  • What does RESIST stands for
  • Seeing our children’s behaviors as highly sensitive person’s responses to get their needs met

Hannah and Kelty’s Bio

Hannah and Kelty are twins, mothers and feminist co-hosts of the podcast and parenting resource Upbringing. Certified in Simplicity Parenting, Positive Discipline and trained in the respectful parenting approach, RIE, Hannah & Kelty are leading a movement that empowers parents to grow up alongside their kids for sanity and social change.

They believe that nurturing kids’ inner wisdom and authority — so often expressed via their resistance— can be a brave and beautiful way to raise a generation of activists, empaths, disruptors and change-makers! Hannah and Kelty’s work is grounded in the Resist Approach, a progressive parenting practice that replaces conventional discipline with 6 alternative powers, designed to nurture our kids’ innate freedoms and authentic spirits. They’re growing up alongside their kids on a farm outside Portland, OR that they share with their partners and kids- ages 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Parenting as an Empath with Lola Pickett

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