Episode: 029

How To Get Your Partner's Support

with Lola Pickett

In this episode, Lola workshops you on how to ask for (and get) the support you need from your partner, in ways that ADD to your connection with each other.

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Show Notes

Have you ever felt like you can’t ask for something you really want, because your partner will just say no? Like investing in a coach, an online training, or a healing retreat?

In this episode, Lola workshops with you on how to ask for (and get) the support you need from your partner, in ways that ADD to your connection with each other.

You’ll also learn how to identify and overcome the hidden fears that may be holding your partner back from fully trusting your personal growth investment decisions.

Don’t have a partner? This conversation equally applies to all the ways you talk YOURSELF out of investing in the things that will grow you as a person. If you’ve hit a plateau in your life and need to make different decisions (in different ways) than usual, then take a listen and take notes!

Topics Covered with Lola

  • Shifting our perspective around mentorship, guidance, courses, trainings—things essential to our growth—as being expensive
  • Lola’s mistakes in the past in her practice marriage around asking for support for business training courses
  • The trap that empaths can fall into when we are used to putting our partner’s needs ahead of our own
  • Why empaths tend to avoid conflicts
  • What is internal tolerance for beneficial discomfort and why is it important
  • How to facilitate getting the support of your partner AND facilitating a deeper connection, building more trust, and increasing intimacy
  • The beautiful possibilities when you and your partner are both willing to be uncomfortable
  • Exploring the difference between asking your partner to support your decision and asking for their permission
  • Why releasing expectations from your partner’s response is crucial
  • How to have compassion for our partner’s worries, fears, or doubts and where they may be coming from
  • Identifying possible scenarios that could create dissonance, anger and bitterness with your partner and how to responsibly address them
  • What Lola means by saying “Your results are your RESPONSE ABILITY”
  • What HSPs and empaths need to do to break the cycle of being overwhelmed and drained by their sensitivities
  • Learn how to proactively address possible objections or fears your partner may have around your training, course, retreat, mentorship, etc. choices
  • Why sincerity and integrity are essential to demonstrate to your partner—and yourself—that this time it will be different

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