Episode: 002

Expressive Writing for Empaths

with Lola Pickett + Leesa Renee Hall

Listen in as Leesa Renee Hall shares how expressive writing helped her find self-love and ancestral healing as an introverted, highly sensitive woman of color. This powerful conversation is an inspiring and honest look at self-repression, oppression, and how to take charge of your own healing.

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Show Notes

Can expressive writing help empaths and highly sensitive people free themselves from anxiety and self doubt?

Leesa Renee Hall is an author and facilitator who helps highly sensitive introverted leaders (HSIL for short) use the art of self-inquiry to question their unconscious biases so they create truly inclusive organizations.

Listen in as Leesa shares her incredible journey to self-love and ancestral healing as an empath, introvert, and woman of color.

Topics Covered with Leesa Renee Hall

  • How being a highly sensitive person is a form of cultural rebellion
  • How choice is a form of privilege
  • Ways to avoid cultural appropriation
  • How expressive writing can dismantle and disengage from white supremacy
  • How the role of productivity disconnects us from one another
  • The importance of questions in the process of transformation
  • If curiosity didn’t kill the cat, what did?
  • How the “cult of positivity” is harmful to empaths and HSPs
  • The four types of ancestors and how ancestry moves beyond genetic lineage
  • The opportunities hidden behind the chaos of our modern times
  • Hear what Jimi Hendrix had to say about criticism and praise
Expressive Writing for Empaths with Lola Pickett

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