Episode: 001

How To Know If You're An Empath

with Lola Pickett

Welcome to the Moon + Manifest Podcast! I'm Lola Pickett and I discovered I was an empath which unlocked a whole lotta, "Ahhhhhh, that makes more sense..." type of feels. You may be one, too! There are 9 sneaky signs that go beyond the traditional definition. Join me as we explore the unique challenges (and sacred opportunities) of being an empath.

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Show Notes

Hi, I’m Lola Pickett! I work with empaths and highly sensitive people and help them find the tools, techniques, and practices that allow them to become healthy, thriving, and happy humans in our modern world.

In this first episode of the Moon + Manifest Podcast (fka Empath To Power podcast), I explore the various characteristics of many empaths and HSPs that I’ve noticed in my work with clients over the years.

As you listen, notice if any of the traits I discuss create any sensations or feelings in your body. Do any of them ring true for you? I hope you enjoy listening to this episode, and if you do, please leave a review on iTunes to help us reach more listeners like you!

Curious to discover what type of empath you are? Take my Empath Quiz to find out what empath you gravitate to mostly.

Me? I’m primarily a Communication Empath, and as you get to know me, you’ll quickly see why.

How To Know If You're An Empath with Lola Pickett

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