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“Unconditional 3 points” Jeonbuk looks to repeat big win of 5 years ago…Kitchee says “we won’t back down”

Nowhere to go but up. Jeonbuk Hyundai will aim for all three points against Kitchee SC.

Jeonbuk Hyundai will face Kitchee SC in the fifth match of the 2023-2024 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) Group F at the Hong Kong Stadium in Hong Kong on Monday at 7 p.m. (local time).

Jeonbuk currently sits in second place in the group with two wins, two losses and six points. They are tied on points with Ryan City Sailors (Singapore). Kitchee, on the other hand, is at the bottom of the group with one draw, three losses, and one point.

For Jeonbuk, this is a must-win game with the pressure of traveling. If they don’t win this game, they’ll drop to third place in the group and their chances of qualifying for the round of 16 could be in jeopardy. After beating Kitchee, Jeonbuk will have to prepare for Game 6 at home against Bangkok United (Thailand).

Even if they finish second in the group, they could still be eliminated, so three points are all the more necessary. After the group stage, the first-place team from each group (five from East Asia and five from West Asia) will automatically qualify for the round of 16, while the second-place team from each group will only qualify for the round of 16 if they are among the top three teams from each region.

Of course, Jeonbuk is favored in terms of objective power. Kitchee lost all but a draw against Bangkok in the ACL this season. However, Jeonbuk can’t afford to let their guard down, as they’re coming off back-to-back losses to Bangkok and Ryan City. They need to end their Southeast Asian nightmare with a convincing win here.

Speaking at the pre-match press conference on Monday, head coach Dan Petrescu said, “We played Kitchee in the first round of the group stage. It was the first game, so there was less pressure and pressure on us. Now it’s more important because we’re facing the fifth leg. The pressure will be less for Kitchee because they are out of the group, but it’s more for us. The players are well aware of the pressure of this match.” 토토사이트

Captain Hong Jung-ho added: “The players are well aware of the importance of tomorrow’s game and are preparing for it. We need three points, so we will focus and play well to bring home the three points.”

Gimcheon wins dramatic K League 2 reversal, promoted…K League 1 relegation escape race remains elusive

The winner of the K League 2 (second division) of professional soccer has been crowned and the team promoted to the first division. Gimcheon Commerce, who finished the league final with a win, came from behind to win the title in dramatic fashion and secure promotion after just one season. Leaders Busan I-Park slipped to second place with the tie and headed to the promotion playoffs (PO). The K League 1’s relegation battle is also in turmoil, with the final match to be played on March 2.

Gimcheon defeated Seoul Eland 1-0 in the final match of the 39th round of the K League 2 at Gimcheon Sports Complex on Saturday, thanks to Kim Hyun-wook’s goal in the 37th minute. Gimcheon, who were second in the league, pulled off a thrilling upset as leader Busan drew 1-1 with Cheongju in Chungbuk earlier in the day to take just one point.

The final result puts Gimcheon in first place with 71 points and Busan in second place with 70 points. The promotion comes just one season after Gimcheon finished 11th in the 2022 season in K League 1 and were relegated to the second division after losing in the relegation PO. Gimcheon previously won automatic promotion after relegation in the 2013, 2015, and 2021 seasons. Notably, this season, Chung Jung-yong, who took over as Gimcheon’s head coach in May, won both the title and promotion in just six months. Chung was also recognized for his leadership at the 2019 U-20 World Cup, where he guided South Korea to a runner-up finish.

Busan, who slipped to second place after leading the table, will play the 11th-ranked team in K League 1 in a promotion playoff. In addition, Gimpo FC, Gyeongnam FC, and Bucheon FC, who finished third through fifth, will play the winner of the promotion playoff against the 10th-ranked team in K League 1. Fourth-ranked Gyeongnam and fifth-ranked Bucheon will play a single-leg match in the semifinals on the 29th, and the winner will play third-ranked Gimpo in the promotion PO on the 2nd of next month.

However, the ‘automatic relegation team’ in K League 1 is still a mystery. Suwon Samsung and Gangwon FC, two of the three teams in the relegation battle, won their respective matches the previous day, pushing the outcome to the final match of the K League 1 on March 2. Suwon won 1-0 against FC Seoul in the final “supermatch” of the season on Nov. 25 to claim three points. Suwon, who would have been relegated had they not won, improved to 32 points (8 wins, 8 draws, 21 losses) and kept Gangwon and Suwon FC on their toes. 보스토토

Gangwon and Suwon also flipped the standings, with Gangwon winning 2-0. The 11th-ranked Gangwon moved up to 10th place (33-6 wins, 15 draws and 16 losses), while the 10th-ranked Suwon FC dropped to 11th place (32-8 wins, 8 draws and 21 losses). Suwon and Gangwon have the same number of points, but Suwon has a superior goal difference.

Bucheon FC’s layered slope: Top scorer, first hat-trick, advances to semi-finals

Bucheon FC enjoyed three inclines in one game on the 26th. Bucheon will now put them all together for the semi-playoffs.

Bucheon FC won 4-1 at home against Jeonnam Dragons in the final match of the 39th round of the Hana OneQ K League 2 2023 regular season at Gyeonggi Bucheon Sports Complex at 3 p.m. on the 26th, thanks to a hat trick from second-half substitute Ahn Jae-jun.

After exchanging goals through penalty kicks and finishing the first half, Ahn Jae-jun, who was introduced at the start of the second half, dug into the back space of Jeonnam, who had raised the line high because they needed to win, with his quick feet and scored a hat trick to win 4-1.

With the win, Bucheon secured fifth place and a semi-final spot in the playoffs, and will play fourth-placed Gyeongnam FC in Changwon, Gyeongnam on the 29th.

In the match, Bucheon played three halves. The first was that captain Nilsson Jr. broke the record for most goals in Bucheon’s history. After converting a penalty kick in the 37th minute, Nilsson Jr. scored his 27th goal of his K League career (174 games), surpassing Hodrigo’s record of 26 goals and becoming the all-time leading scorer in Bucheon history.

“We needed a win because we haven’t won recently, so I’m happy to win and go to the semifinals,” Nilsson Jr. told Sports Korea after the game. “I knew that if I score a goal, I’ll be the top scorer, so I was conscious of that. I’m a central defender, but I’m grateful and happy to be the top scorer. I will try to score more goals and keep this position,” he laughed. 무지개토토

On how he became the club’s top scorer with 27 goals in 174 matches in five seasons with Bucheon, from 2017 to 2019 and again from 2022 to this year, he said, “I’m a defender, so when there’s a set piece or a penalty kick, I’m very focused on scoring a goal. You have to focus a lot more than other positions because you don’t get as many chances to score and that’s when you get your chance.”

‘Life is like Hwang Hee Chan’ on SNS: Newzine’s autograph+famous+new car.

‘Life is like Hwang Hee-chan~’

‘The Korean Guy’ Hwang Hee-chan (27, Wolverhampton) continued his flex on social media.

Jürgen Klinsmann’s men’s soccer team thrashed Singapore 5-0 at Seoul World Cup Stadium on Sept. 16. South Korea followed that up with a 3-0 victory over China on the 21st, with Son Heung-min scoring a brace. South Korea has won five straight A matches. They have scored 19 goals and conceded none.

Hwang Hee-chan stood out in Singapore, scoring a goal with an assist from Cho Kyu-sung. Hwang made his presence felt by starting both November A matches. After his stellar performance in the A-Match, Hwang flew back to China to take care of some personal business before returning to England.

On the 23rd, Huang expressed his gratitude on social media. “With the support and cheers of the fans, I played a good match and left some great memories,” he said, “I hope you will continue to love me.

Hwang took a photo with his new car from Audi in the background. Flex didn’t stop there. Hwang Hee-chan also posted various luxury items that were sponsored on social media. As she is always interested in fashion, she introduced sunglasses, clothes, and other items. 보스토토

The most enviable item was an autographed album by NUJINS. All five adorable members of NUJINS personally signed the album and presented it to Hwang Hee Chan. The inscription ‘Hwang Hee Chan’ was impressive.

“Life is like Hwang Hee Chan,” “She’s such a fashionista,” “Newzine signed it?” “Was Hwang Hee Chan also a Bunnyz,” “I really envy Hwang Hee Chan,” and many other reactions.

Incheon ‘Embers of Hope’ pulled by 01-03 and 04, eldest brother born in 88 also responds

This season, Incheon has had a tendency to miraculously pull out games that no one thought they would win. After the miracle against Gwangju, the youngsters got the job done against champions Ulsan.

Incheon United, led by head coach Cho Sung-hwan, won 3-1 against Ulsan Hyundai in the 37th round of the Hana One Q K League 2023 at the Incheon Football Stadium at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday. Park Seung-ho scored in the fifth minute of the second half, Hong Si-hoo in the 28th minute, and Oh Ban-seok in the 31st minute. Ulsan responded in the 45th minute with a penalty kick by In-Joo Gyu.

There were four U-22 players in the starting lineup before the game. “This is the best,” head coach Cho Sung-hwan told the media before the game. Key players like Shin Shin-ho, Lee Myung-joo, Delbridge, Mugosa, and Gerso were out of the squad due to injuries, some of which would not return until winter training in preparation for next season.

In this situation, Ulsan had some rotation, but most of the key players that led them to the title this season were out against Incheon. It was a tough matchup to say that Incheon would win.

But Incheon came through again. It was a situation reminiscent of their last match against Gwangju FC in Round 35. At that time, Incheon, who had important matches ahead of them such as the FA Cup semifinals and the ACL group stage, had seven of their 11 starters in the U-22 squad and still managed to beat a full-strength Gwangju side. 무지개토토

A similar situation played out against Ulsan, and it was the younger players born in the 2000s who proved to be the difference.

In the fifth minute of the second half, 2003-born Park Seung-ho’s “wonder” goal, his debut goal, was enough to break Ulsan’s momentum. He finished with a left-footed shot from a low cross from the left flank by Choi Woo-jin, born in 2004. Then, in the 28th minute, the elder Hong Si-Hoo (2001) drove a wedge. He headed home a pass from Hernandez inside the penalty box.

It’s hard to get to the Euros like this… The 11 Best Things to Watch at Home

There are many top players who will likely miss the UEFA Euro 2024.

Soccer publication Live Score compiled a list of the best eleven players who are unlikely to make it to Euro 2024 on Wednesday (June 22). Euro 2024 qualifying is now over. The first and second place finishers in each group will go straight to the knockout stages, with 21 nations confirmed alongside hosts Germany.

Spain, Scotland, France, Netherlands, England, Italy, Turkiye, Croatia, Albania, Czech Republic, Belgium, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Denmark, Slovenia, Romania, Switzerland, Portugal, and Slovakia have qualified.

The ports have also been finalized. Germany, Portugal, France, Spain, Belgium, and England are in Port 1, while Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Austria, Turkuye, and Romania are in Port 2. Port 3 was made up of Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, and Croatia. Port 4 included Serbia, Italy, Switzerland, and the three teams that will come up in the playoffs.

LiveScore’s roster included players from both eliminated and playoff nations. Alexander Isak (Sweden), Robert Lewandowski (Poland), and Elling Holland (Norway) were the forwards, while Hvitsa Kvaradzehelia (Georgia), Mykhailo Mudryk (Ukraine), Martin Ødegaard (Norway), and Dejan Kulusevski (Sweden) were the midfielders. Oleksandr Zinchenko (Ukraine), Viktor Lindelof (Sweden), and Mattie Cash (Poland) formed the back three, with Wojciech Szczesny (Poland) in goal.

Holland, Isaac, Ödegaard, Kulusebski, and Lindelof are among the best players in the Premier League (PL), while top strikers Lewandowski and Kim Min-jae are mentioned, as well as Kvarachelia, who played together at Napoli. However, the failure to qualify for the knockout stages showed how difficult it is to get to the Euros. 토토사이트

Norway, with Holland and Ødegaard, was eliminated in the qualifiers. Sweden, with Isak, Kulusebski, and Lindelof, were also eliminated. Poland, Georgia, and Ukraine will compete in the playoffs. Levandowski, Cash, Kvaratshelia, Mudryk, and Zinchenko will play a last-ditch effort to qualify for the Euros.

“Did Heung-min make you do it?” The youngest, Lee Kang-in, says, “Fight until the end of 2023…I’ll give you a big push in 2024.”

Lee Kang-in (22-PGS) joined Son Heung-min (31-Tottenham) in posting a lengthy thank-you note.

“The 2023 national soccer team matches are over, and thanks to the support of our fans, we were able to perform well in Seoul and as far away as China,” Lee wrote on his social media (SNS) on March 23 (KST).

“I hope that all of you, especially those who took big exams and came to the stadium to watch us, were encouraged by our performance! We will try to come back in 2024 as a team that can give you great strength! I wish you all the best for the rest of the year!” he added in his year-end greetings.

Lee and Kang started side-by-side in two A-Match matches this November, leading South Korea to two consecutive victories. On Nov. 16, he started and scored a brace in South Korea’s 5-0 win over Singapore in the first match of Group C of the FIFA Confederations Cup North America 2026 Asia Second Qualifying Round at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. He scored South Korea’s fifth goal in the 40th minute with a thunderous left-footed mid-range shot.

On Sept. 21, he started the second group game against China at the Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center in Shenzhen, China. He assisted Son Heung-min’s header from a left-footed corner kick in the 45th minute with South Korea leading 1-0. It was a rare moment for Son Heung-min to score a header. 무지개토토

Lee has now scored an attacking point in four consecutive A-Match matches. In October, he scored two goals in a 4-0 win over Tunisia, followed by a goal and an assist in a 6-0 win over Vietnam. In November, he scored a goal against Singapore (5-0) and added an assist against China (3-0). In all of Lee’s offensive points, South Korea kept a clean sheet.

He also competed at the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games in Hangzhou, China, in September and October, where he led the Korean U-22 soccer team to the title. Lee has had a busy second half of the year, with big results. He has gone from being the youngest to a young ace.

Jürgen Klinsmann, head coach of the South Korean national soccer team, said, “Lee has grown so much in the last six to eight months, and it’s been a pleasure to watch. Not only does he dribble and assist, but he is also dedicated and uses great energy defensively. Expectations are getting higher and higher.”

South Korean national team captain Son Heung-min said, “As a fellow soccer player, I’m happy to see him grow. He has enough ability to grow further. Many people need to help him so that he doesn’t feel overwhelmed,” said Son, who has watched the youngest player’s progress with pride.

In the Age of ABS, Catching Matters Even as Framing Fades

One of the hot topics in the KBO next season is the automatic ball-strike system (ABS).

The league will introduce ABS before Major League Baseball (MLB). There is a lot of interest in what it will lead to. ABS measures the trajectory, speed, and angle of the ball thrown by the pitcher using cameras or radar to determine strikes and balls. Since the decision is made by an AI (artificial intelligence) rather than a human umpire, the catcher’s framing, which is often interpreted as meatiness, can be neutralized. As a result, there are many officials who believe that the catcher’s ability to catch is not important.

In this regard, it’s worth noting the words of Lotte Giants manager Kim Tae-hyung. In an interview with a media outlet, Kim said, “Even if robot umpires are introduced, there will be no change in how we look at catchers or how we develop catchers.” The implication is that the importance of catching will only become more emphasized, even if framing is no longer required.

ABS isn’t the only thing new next year. A pitch clock to limit pitching time and a limit on the number of strikes will also be implemented. Specifically, pitchers will be limited to two pitches per at-bat, and if they fail to throw out a runner on their third pitch, they will be charged with a walk, giving the runner a “free” base. This limitation also makes it easier for runners to time their steals, so the catcher’s throwing ability to prevent stolen bases is crucial.

Catching and throwing are not separate. Catching is the beginning of throwing. “Catching is the starting point for a catcher,” said Kim Ji-hoon, former coach of the KIA Tigers and Dusan Bears Battery. “If you catch the ball well, you can quickly and smoothly perform the linking movements that lead to throwing.”

For a catcher to make a good throw, three things are important. The first is throwing the ball accurately, the second is having fast footwork, and the third is having strong shoulders to throw the ball hard. While shoulder strength is something you’re born with, throwing accuracy and quick footwork can be acquired. And accuracy and footwork start with a good catch. 보스토토 주소

Former coach Kim Ji-hoon explains, “You need to catch the ball with the meatballs so that you can ‘snap’ and release it easily. If you hold the ball in a different way, it will be stiff when you release it, which is fine, but it takes more time and it is difficult to catch the ball accurately.” “Since serving starts with footwork, and the hands and feet work together to release the ball after the shot, it becomes difficult to serve quickly and accurately if the timing is slightly off,” he said.

“Henri’s Cold Fury” Hwang Sun-hong’s triumph over France…3-0 in enemy territory

Hwang Sun-hong scored a big win over France on enemy soil. Even French legend Thierry Henry bowed his head.

The South Korea Under-22 national soccer team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, defeated the France Under-21 team 3-0 in a friendly at Stade Ocean in Le Havre, France, at 2:30 a.m. ET on Nov. 21. Minnesota forward Seung-Bin Sang led the way with a multi-goal performance.

Hwang, who is preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris next year, used the A-match period to play a friendly in France. After drawing 0-0 in a friendly match against Le Havre of the French Ligue 1, Hwang wrapped up his trip to France with a 3-0 victory and a successful two-game series.

Hwang started Min Kyung-hyun, Uhm Ji Sung, Signor Kwan, Ahn Jae-joon, Cho Woo-je, Cho Hyun-taek, Kang Sung-jin, Hwang Jae-won, Lee Kang-hee, Jeon Byung-kwan, and Shin Song-hoon. The overseas players, including Jung Sang-bin, Kwon Hyuk-kyu, and Kim Ji-soo, all started the game on the bench.

France started Chelsea’s Leslie Ugochukwu and Lee Kang-in’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) teammate Bradley Barca, along with Mathis Tell, who plays for Bayern Munich alongside Kim Min-jae, as well as Killian Sildiglia, Magny Acklioce, and Ismael Doucoure.

As you can see from the starting lineup, there was a clear power differential. France’s starting lineup included players who have been in and out of the starting lineup at Chelsea, Munich, and PSG despite being U21s. South Korea, on the other hand, had a few overseas players in Jeong Sang-bin, Kwon Hyuk-kyu, and Kim Ji-soo, but the rest of the roster was made up of players who play in the domestic league, the K League.

One of the main targets was Barca, who is currently playing with Lee Kang-in at PSG. Known for his good touch and dribbling, he could threaten the Korean goal at any time.

As expected, the first half of the game was dominated by France. The French attack was fierce. Playing on home soil and with the support of their fans, France attacked aggressively and harassed Korea early in the first half. Tell’s shot in the 15th minute and Bacola’s mid-range effort in the 27th minute, but Korea was fortunate not to concede a goal. Calimuando also had a shot that hit the post.

South Korea fought back, trying to open up the defense with quick attacks from the flanks and mid-range shots, but it wasn’t easy. The first half seemed to show the power differential.

Korea came close on several occasions, but Shin Song-hoon was there to save the day. Despite his short stature at 5’10”, Shin is known for his excellent reflexes, and he showed off his skills in the first half against France. South Korea went into halftime with the score tied at 0-0. 무지개토토

Hwang Sun-hong replaced Jeon Byung-kwan with Jung Sang-bin at the start of the second half. Korea started the second half in a different mood, with Um Ji Sung opening the scoring in the first minute of the second half. Although they immediately allowed their opponents to attack, they did not concede a goal.

As the game remained tense, head coach Hwang Sun-hong

Not in a hurry… Former Man Utd GK who rejected ‘800m a week’ says reunion with Ronaldo ‘off’

David De Gea has turned down a £500,000-a-week offer from Saudi Arabia.

The Sun reported on Monday (Aug. 19) that De Gea has turned down the chance to reunite with Cristiano Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia for a hefty transfer fee.

De Gea has been “invincible” since leaving Manchester United last summer. After parting ways with the Red Devils due to a decline in form, De Gea was unable to find a team for a while, leading to “retirement speculation”.

During that time, several clubs made offers for him. Saudi Arabia’s Al-Nasr was one of them, and while the club was keen to reunite Ronaldo and De Gea, De Gea turned them down. Part of the reason was that De Gea’s wife, Eduane Garcia, was not interested in a Middle Eastern team.

De Gea is now being linked to a Spanish second division team. According to the media, Lionel Messi’s club Inter Miami is also interested in him. 토토사이트

However, De Gea is reportedly in no rush to find a new club. He remains in Madrid, Spain, where he posted a video of himself training on social media last month. He also showed a relaxed smile while having lunch with Sergio Reguillon.

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