One of the hot topics in the KBO next season is the automatic ball-strike system (ABS).

The league will introduce ABS before Major League Baseball (MLB). There is a lot of interest in what it will lead to. ABS measures the trajectory, speed, and angle of the ball thrown by the pitcher using cameras or radar to determine strikes and balls. Since the decision is made by an AI (artificial intelligence) rather than a human umpire, the catcher’s framing, which is often interpreted as meatiness, can be neutralized. As a result, there are many officials who believe that the catcher’s ability to catch is not important.

In this regard, it’s worth noting the words of Lotte Giants manager Kim Tae-hyung. In an interview with a media outlet, Kim said, “Even if robot umpires are introduced, there will be no change in how we look at catchers or how we develop catchers.” The implication is that the importance of catching will only become more emphasized, even if framing is no longer required.

ABS isn’t the only thing new next year. A pitch clock to limit pitching time and a limit on the number of strikes will also be implemented. Specifically, pitchers will be limited to two pitches per at-bat, and if they fail to throw out a runner on their third pitch, they will be charged with a walk, giving the runner a “free” base. This limitation also makes it easier for runners to time their steals, so the catcher’s throwing ability to prevent stolen bases is crucial.

Catching and throwing are not separate. Catching is the beginning of throwing. “Catching is the starting point for a catcher,” said Kim Ji-hoon, former coach of the KIA Tigers and Dusan Bears Battery. “If you catch the ball well, you can quickly and smoothly perform the linking movements that lead to throwing.”

For a catcher to make a good throw, three things are important. The first is throwing the ball accurately, the second is having fast footwork, and the third is having strong shoulders to throw the ball hard. While shoulder strength is something you’re born with, throwing accuracy and quick footwork can be acquired. And accuracy and footwork start with a good catch. 보스토토 주소

Former coach Kim Ji-hoon explains, “You need to catch the ball with the meatballs so that you can ‘snap’ and release it easily. If you hold the ball in a different way, it will be stiff when you release it, which is fine, but it takes more time and it is difficult to catch the ball accurately.” “Since serving starts with footwork, and the hands and feet work together to release the ball after the shot, it becomes difficult to serve quickly and accurately if the timing is slightly off,” he said.