Hwang Sun-hong scored a big win over France on enemy soil. Even French legend Thierry Henry bowed his head.

The South Korea Under-22 national soccer team, led by Hwang Sun-hong, defeated the France Under-21 team 3-0 in a friendly at Stade Ocean in Le Havre, France, at 2:30 a.m. ET on Nov. 21. Minnesota forward Seung-Bin Sang led the way with a multi-goal performance.

Hwang, who is preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris next year, used the A-match period to play a friendly in France. After drawing 0-0 in a friendly match against Le Havre of the French Ligue 1, Hwang wrapped up his trip to France with a 3-0 victory and a successful two-game series.

Hwang started Min Kyung-hyun, Uhm Ji Sung, Signor Kwan, Ahn Jae-joon, Cho Woo-je, Cho Hyun-taek, Kang Sung-jin, Hwang Jae-won, Lee Kang-hee, Jeon Byung-kwan, and Shin Song-hoon. The overseas players, including Jung Sang-bin, Kwon Hyuk-kyu, and Kim Ji-soo, all started the game on the bench.

France started Chelsea’s Leslie Ugochukwu and Lee Kang-in’s Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) teammate Bradley Barca, along with Mathis Tell, who plays for Bayern Munich alongside Kim Min-jae, as well as Killian Sildiglia, Magny Acklioce, and Ismael Doucoure.

As you can see from the starting lineup, there was a clear power differential. France’s starting lineup included players who have been in and out of the starting lineup at Chelsea, Munich, and PSG despite being U21s. South Korea, on the other hand, had a few overseas players in Jeong Sang-bin, Kwon Hyuk-kyu, and Kim Ji-soo, but the rest of the roster was made up of players who play in the domestic league, the K League.

One of the main targets was Barca, who is currently playing with Lee Kang-in at PSG. Known for his good touch and dribbling, he could threaten the Korean goal at any time.

As expected, the first half of the game was dominated by France. The French attack was fierce. Playing on home soil and with the support of their fans, France attacked aggressively and harassed Korea early in the first half. Tell’s shot in the 15th minute and Bacola’s mid-range effort in the 27th minute, but Korea was fortunate not to concede a goal. Calimuando also had a shot that hit the post.

South Korea fought back, trying to open up the defense with quick attacks from the flanks and mid-range shots, but it wasn’t easy. The first half seemed to show the power differential.

Korea came close on several occasions, but Shin Song-hoon was there to save the day. Despite his short stature at 5’10”, Shin is known for his excellent reflexes, and he showed off his skills in the first half against France. South Korea went into halftime with the score tied at 0-0. 무지개토토

Hwang Sun-hong replaced Jeon Byung-kwan with Jung Sang-bin at the start of the second half. Korea started the second half in a different mood, with Um Ji Sung opening the scoring in the first minute of the second half. Although they immediately allowed their opponents to attack, they did not concede a goal.

As the game remained tense, head coach Hwang Sun-hong