“There’s no ‘magic,’ really.”

Pohang Steelers coach Kim Ki-dong’s strengths lie in his flexibility and mercenary skills. He enjoys changing players and changing positions according to the flow of the game. Above all, he admits his mistakes in a ‘cool’ way and corrects them immediately. This season alone, he has used midfielder Kim Jong-woo in a somewhat awkward three-man midfield, with Wandelsson at left-back to maximize the effect. He has also used Park Seung-wook as a defensive midfielder as well as a left and right flanker, and Kim Seung-dae as a flanker instead of an attacking midfielder.

“In training, I put players here and there,” Kim said. I also look at the player’s tendencies in training. I always try it and keep it in mind,” he said. In the FA Cup final against Jeonbuk Hyundai, Kim changed the positions of both the left and right flank defenders and strikers after conceding an early goal. “Actually, timing is important. I told (Shin) Kwang-hoon beforehand that we could switch positions. There are times when it’s too late and times when it’s just right. I have to think about it while watching the flow of the game.”

Kim’s mercenary skills have earned him the label “maneuvering magic”. The parties disagree. “Actually, where is the ‘magic’?” he asks, “The substitute was right. He read the flow of the game and made the right positional or tactical changes. The big picture is the same. There are points in every game. Like a chef’s height, it’s the ‘flavor’ of soccer. It’s about finding the points of the game. If I don’t find it, I don’t sleep, and then I think about it in my sleep, and when I find how to attack and defend, I talk to the coaching staff and the players,” he said of his thorough preparation process. 무지개토토 주소

Reading the game is not always easy. Kim attributes this to being a midfielder during his playing days and his longevity in the game. “It helps that I was a midfielder,” he said. I also learned from meeting a lot of coaches. There are also some moves I made as a player that I needed or demanded from my teammates.” “Everyone has a different perspective and point of view on soccer. It’s about what points you take away.”