The goodbyes were sincere, but how do LG teams and fans feel?

LG Twins foreign pitcher Plutko has left Korea. He wasn’t even in the plans for the Korean Series, but now he won’t have to.

LG officially announced that Plutko left the country on Sunday. Plutko had been rehabbing from a pelvic contusion, but ultimately decided he wouldn’t be able to pitch in the Korean Series, so he agreed with the team and boarded the plane.

Manager Yoon Kyung-yeop is trying to minimize the risk of Plutko’s absence so that the team’s mood doesn’t drop ahead of the final game. It was a bold decision to call the season early. It would have been too much of a shock to the team to announce his departure before the Korean Series.

However, going into a big game without your number one starter is a big blow. A starter who went 10 games without a loss through June. Even with Kelly’s struggles, Plutko was able to keep the starting battle alive and set the stage for LG’s regular season title run.

However, he complained of a health issue late in the first half. It’s been swept under the rug because LG is so good, but it was actually a performance controversy, and he packed his bags ahead of the most important stage. Considering he was a foreign player earning a hefty $1.4 million salary, LG could only breathe a sigh of relief.

Plutko said goodbye as he left the country. “My son went to school in Korea. “My son went to school in Korea, and my wife loved Korea,” he said. “I’ve been trying to win for LG when I’m on the mound and when I’m not. LG will win the Korean Series. I will support LG for the rest of my life. Words can’t describe what LG means to me.” 토스카지노 도메인

It’s a touching statement. A foreign player expresses deep affection for the team he played for for two years. But the professional world is not a place that can be filled with affection alone. If a player was truly too sick to throw a ball, no one would have a problem with it, but the fact that he was cleared to pitch by a domestic doctor is a bit of a red flag. Coincidentally, last season, there was also some controversy over his postseason preparation and performance. It certainly doesn’t look like a pretty parting of the ways.