A comfortable win for Ulsan Hyundai. However, there was a chink in the armor.

Ulsan Hyundai won their third Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Champions League (ACL) Group I qualifier of the 2023/24 season 3-1 against Johor FC at the Ulsan Munsu Football Stadium at 7 p.m. on Thursday.

Ulsan moved to the top of Group I with three points against Johor.

Ulsan had a debt to pay to Johor. They had met twice on neutral territory last season, losing 1-2. They vowed revenge.

Johor came to Ulsan’s tiger’s den. They were determined to win in the tiger’s den.

Ulsan came out aggressive from the start, dominating possession and taking an early lead. In the fourth minute of the first half, Vojanic’s cross from a corner kick was met by Johor’s complacent defense and Jung Seung-hyun, who was free at the back post, opened the scoring with a spare right-footed touch.

Ulsan overwhelmed their opponents. They widened the gap in the 12th minute. Lee Dong-kyung’s sharp pass hit the Johor defense, deflected, and Rubikson caught the loose ball and scored his second goal with a powerful right-footed shot.

Ulsan’s scoring streak didn’t stop there. In the 18th minute, Rubikson’s brilliant dribble down the left flank and into the center of the box gave Ulsan a three-goal lead.

Ulsan had a change of scenery. They were victimized by a series of unfortunate calls. Kim Tae-hwan’s accumulation of cautions put them at a numerical disadvantage.

Johor’s Bersson, who is no stranger to the K League having played for Suwon Samseong and Busan IKEA, touched the ball with an unnecessary touch in the 25th minute when the ball was out.

Ulsan’s substitute Bako, who was warming up with Bersson’s touch, was hit by the ball. In the process, there was an argument between the players. The referee gave Kim Tae-hwan a warning.

However, the referee was lenient on Bersson, whose unnecessary touch caused the players to argue. No action was taken.

The referee made another questionable call. In the 36th minute of the second half, Kim Tae-hwan received another warning for an unnecessary foul and was sent off cumulatively. Ulsan was outnumbered. 토토사이트

However, there was nothing to indicate that Kim was fouled during the ball contest.

According to an on-field official, the referee gave Kim two warnings, the first for arguing and the second for a rough foul.

The referee then went on to call Ulsan’s fouls harshly, and his lack of leniency towards Johor was frowned upon.

The referee in charge of the match between Ulsan and Johor was Alireza Pagani, who also officiated at the World Cup.

However, her unorthodox officiating left a sour taste in the mouth of Ulsan’s delightful victory.