KBO Commissioner Heo Koo-yeon appeared as a witness at the national audit of the 410th National Assembly Committee on Culture, Sports and Tourism on Thursday. Representative Yoo Jung-joo of the Democratic Party of Korea (proportional representation) pointed out to Heo that there were differences between free agent contracts and those presented in the KBO yearbook, and Heo promised to pay attention to them in the future.

At the meeting, Yoo raised the issue of the discrepancy between free agent contracts presented in the KBO’s annual yearbook and the actual contracts submitted by clubs. He pointed out that the difference ranged from 50 million won to more than 1.4 billion won, and linked it to “suspicions of backroom deals.

In response, Heo said, “The contract amounts listed in the KBO Yearbook are based on press releases provided to sports reporters. There may be differences between the contracts submitted by the clubs to the KBO and the actual contracts. We will look into it further and be careful in the future.”

The KBO revised its rules to prevent backroom deals after a wave of undeclared cash trades from the Heroes in 2018. Starting with the 2019 season, all KBO players, including free agents, will be required to disclose in their contracts any compensation that is not part of their signing bonus and salary. The KBO has decided to impose sanctions of 1 billion won in fines on clubs and a one-year suspension on players for violating the ban, along with the loss of the first pick for the following year.

However, Yoo pointed out that even after the regulations were created, there were differences in the content. “What is stated in the yearbook and the actual contract are completely different,” he pointed out.

“Until 2018, players and clubs signed contracts and disclosed them to the KBO,” Heo said. However, from 2019 onward, the same contract must be created and submitted to the KBO.” He ran out of time to answer the next question from Representative Yoo.

Yoo continued his argument with an example. “Player A signed a free agent contract with his parent club and went on a training camp. After returning home, he went to the police station instead of going home. The detective asked him, ‘Did you take the money and give it to a club official?’ Player A didn’t even know what the contract was. The detective asked, “What should we do about A’s injustice?” He said, “It’s an unfair case.

He also mentioned the case of Jang Jeong-seok, the former head coach of KIA, who demanded money from Park Dong-won. The incident led to Jang’s expulsion from the baseball world. Yoo said, “We need to investigate. We need a full investigation. If the KBO has been operating poorly, 토스카지노 it will continue to reverberate. That’s why the Park Dong-won case happened. Backroom deals. Isn’t it a serious crime, and shouldn’t the truth be revealed?” He raised his voice.

He said, “Backroom deals are a major crime. However, the KBO does not have the authority to investigate. I checked with the KBO, and there was no backroom dealing. If Rep. Yoo can provide me with the relevant materials, I will check further.”

Afterward, Yoo tried to get a promise of a “full investigation” from Heo through additional questions, but Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee Chairman Lee Sang-heon (Democratic Party of Korea, Ulsan North District) said that it was not something that could be done immediately.