SSG Landers head coach Kim Won-hyung expressed his disappointment after the team’s semi-final first-round loss to NC Dinos.

SSG lost the first game of the semifinals against the NC Dinos 3 to 4 at Landers Field in Incheon on April 22. The team pitched a scoreless seventh inning, but missed a chance to take the lead as the bats failed to capitalize on their chances. In the top of the eighth, Elias gave up a two-run homer to pinch-hitter Kim Sung-wook. Despite scoring one run in the bottom of the eighth, Heredia struck out the side with the tying run at the plate, and Noh Kyung-eun and Seo Jin-yong gave up two more runs to NC in the top of the ninth. In the bottom of the ninth, Ha Jae-hoon hit a two-run home run to try to catch up, but it was not enough.

SSG won the KBO’s first ‘wire-to-wire’ title last year, taking the top spot from the opening to the final game of the regular season and winning the Korean Series. This season, they finished third in the pennant race with a record of 76 wins, 3 losses and 65 draws in 144 games. 짱구카지노 도메인

As NC, a medieval team with an 8-8 record in the pennant race this season, was selected as the semi-final opponent, a tough fight seemed inevitable. In particular, NC fought hard against Doosan in the wild card deciding game, but the key to the game was how to press the momentum of NC, who won the game with a whopping 14 runs thanks to the strength of the batting lineup and reached the semi-final. The performance of Elias, who was undefeated in three meetings with NC this season, with a 7.53 ERA and a 3-2 record, was also a factor. Despite Elias’ better-than-expected performance, the gap in the batting lineup’s focus is what put SSG’s head down.

-Game Recap.

We lost, but Elias pitched too well for eight innings. We had some good scoring chances early on, but we didn’t capitalize on them, which is why we lost.

-On the decision to bring in Seo Jin-yong in the ninth inning.

A 1-3, two-run deficit is big, but a three-run deficit is tough. Noh Kyung-eun did a good job in the regular season, but she had some bad pitches today. I brought up Seo Jin-yong to keep her from scoring. The result was another hit and a run.

-How did you feel about the batting lineup?

The batting lineup was not good, but how did you feel about your batting? It’s just one thing, we didn’t score. In the end, it was a tense game, and this is the result.

-Game 2 starter.

Kim Kwang-hyun.