The only solution for a manager and player who have become irreconcilable enemies is to part ways. Manchester United have done it again. They have once again nailed Jadon Sancho, who has been feuding with manager Eric ten Hague, by sending him off the team. Sancho hasn’t apologized, and Van Gaal hasn’t forgiven him.

The Mirror, a British media outlet, reported on April 19, “United have officially put Sancho on the sale list. The move comes after a decision by the unforgiving Van Gaal,” the Mirror reported. Sancho’s falling out with Van Gaal occurred on September 3 after United lost 1-3 at Arsenal. When asked why he didn’t play Sancho in that game, Van Gaal said that it was because he hadn’t performed up to expectations in team training, and Sancho immediately posted a rebuttal on social media.

This is where Sancho crossed the line. He called himself a “scapegoat” and accused Ten Haag of lying, which caused a huge stir. A furious Ten Haag decided to remove Sancho from the first team. Sancho was effectively banished. He’s been out of the first team squad for over six weeks now. He’s been training with the youth academy.

In the aftermath of this situation, United tried to reconcile with Van Gaal. Teammates such as Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, and Harry Maguire even encouraged him to reconcile with Van Gaal. But Sancho refused. Van Gaal has also stood by his stance that he will not call Sancho back to the first team unless he offers a sincere apology. 토토사이트

In the end, the club gave up trying to reconcile the two men who were drawing parallels and decided to sell Sancho. Of course, United will have to take a pretty big loss. They spent £73 million ($120.2 million) on Sancho from Borussia Dortmund in 2021, but he hasn’t lived up to expectations, so his price tag is now around £40 million ($65.9 million), almost half of what it was two years ago. Nonetheless, United have once again made it official that they are selling Sancho.