The center backs fell one after another. In fact, only Kim Min-jae remains.

“Dayo Upamecano injured his left hamstring muscle in the last game against Freiburg. He will not be able to play for the time being.”

Upamecano is Kim Min-jae’s center back partner. He was Munich’s first-choice center-back defender alongside Kim in the center line.

The Frenchman came to Munich in 2021 after playing for Salzburg and Leipzig. He is a solid defender who is quick and strong in one-on-one defense. His buildup as a defender is also quite good.

His partnership with Kim Min-jae was good. Time after time, Munich’s defense was solid with the two of them.

However, injuries have put up a red flag. It’s still unclear when he’ll return.

Another Munich center back, Matthias der Licht, is rehabbing. He’s been sidelined with a knee injury and has just started running, but his return to action will take some time.

That leaves Kim Min-jae as the only other center back. He’s been in the middle of a controversy for traveling back and forth between the South Korean national team, which will only increase his physical demands.

Upamecano’s injury occurred during the seventh round home match of the 2023-2024 German Bundesliga season at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany, on September 9. The opponent was Freiburg.

In this match, Kim Min-jae started as a center back defender. With his solid defense, he led his team to a clean sheet.

When you look at the detailed metrics, it’s even more amazing. In particular, his ball touches and passes were staggering.

Kim had 180 ball touches on the day. That’s a whopping 66 more than the second-place Joshua Kimmich.

He made 171 passes. That’s the most in a single game in the German Bundesliga since February 2019.

His success rate was in the high 90s and he won 100% of his aerial battles. In addition to being at the center of Munich’s build-ups, he hasn’t lost sight of his basic qualities as a defender: defense.

After the game, the statistics site Sofascore gave him a rating of 7.6. It was the highest rating of any Munich back four defender. 토토사이트

Munich went on to beat Freiburg 3-0. Kim’s defense and buildup had a big impact.

Kim Min-jae has played full-time for the last five games in a row. He has become more than a regular starter, but a pillar of the team.

He was named the Bundesliga’s Team of the Week by the German publication Kicker. Kicker gave Kim a rating of 2. The lower the rating, the better.