Manchester United (Man Utd) forward Anthony Martial, who was recently investigated for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend, has returned to training.

“Anthony turned up at United’s Carrington training ground and took part in training,” British media outlet The Sun reported on Tuesday.

Anthony has been the center of controversy off the field. He was investigated by police for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend twice.

The victim, his ex-girlfriend Cabriela Cavallin, alleged that he headbutted and punched her in a hotel room. She provided evidence of Anthony’s threats and assaults. Among the evidence was a photo showing her finger injured by a glass thrown by Anthony.

“I have never attacked any woman,” he told local media on September 9, breaking down in tears. 메이저놀이터 He emphasized that Kavalin had fabricated the public conversation.

United explored several options as the situation escalated, including suspending him, but eventually reinstated him to team training. The allegations are still unclear. Furthermore, the club’s recent rash of injuries has left them severely short-handed.

It is likely that Anthony will be available for the 2023/2024 UEFA Champions League group stage second leg against Galatasaray on April 4.

Kabalin’s camp was understandably upset by the news that Anthony was training with the team. “Anthony is under investigation by the Brazilian and English authorities and should be in court, not on the training field,” Kabalin said, criticizing United’s decision.