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‘Kim Ha Sung 1-RBI’ SD extends life with ‘Soto Multipo + Lugo Pitching’

The San Diego Padres are alive and well in postseason contention. At least until today.

San Diego defeated the San Francisco Giants 4-0 on Sunday (April 27) at Oracle Park in San Francisco, California, USA.

The win improved their record to 78-80. On the same day, the Chicago Cubs, the second wild-card team, lost to the Atlanta Braves, keeping their “elimination number” – the number of games to be eliminated from the postseason – at one. ‘Arithmetically’ alive in postseason contention.

Starting at second base, Kim went 0-for-5 with a walk and three strikeouts. His season batting average dropped to .261.
He didn’t feel very good at the plate. The quality of his at-bats was poor and he swung at a lot of pitches. It was the first time he had struck out three times in a game since September 14 against the Dodgers. It was his fourth three-strikeout game in September.

Still, he got on base. In the third inning, with runners on first and third off left-hander Alex Wood, he hit a grounder to shortstop that led to a non-base-clearing double play, allowing the runner from third to score. The hit was not fast enough to complete the double play. I didn’t miss an opportunity to capitalize on a fielding error that led to a double play on Xander Bogaerts’ grounder to second base with one out.

Despite his poor at-bats, his defense was solid. In the second inning, J.D. Davis hit a double to right field, and right fielder Fernando Tatis Jr. made the throw to third to get the runner. The play was called a double play, but the runner was thrown out at the plate. Davis later left the game with a left shoulder sprain.

In the ninth inning, he made a spectacular throw to catch leadoff hitter Mike Yastrzemski’s fly ball.

There was another hero of the night. It was Juan Soto, who started in the No. 3 spot. He hit a solo home run over the center field fence in the first inning and followed it up with a two-run shot over the left field fence in the seventh. His seventeenth career multi-homer game. He finished the day 4-for-5 with a double, a walk and three RBIs to lead the offense.
Starter Seth Lugo was dominant. He pitched 8 2/3 innings, allowing three runs on three hits with three walks and seven strikeouts to earn the win. 메이저사이트

He took the mound into the ninth inning in search of his first career complete game, but left after a walk and a hit put runners on first and second.

Lugo, who has a player option for the 2024 season, has had an impressive year, exceeding expectations in his first season as a full-time starter. In fact, he flamed out in his final outing in a Padres uniform.

Closer Josh Hader, who had watched from the sidelines in the eighth inning the day before, pitched the ninth to close out the game.

‘I’m in great shape!’ Lee Kang-In, Daji Garo Outfront Cross ‘Magic Show’, Spectators “Wow~”

By Hwang Sun-hong Ho Prodigy midfielder Lee Kang-in (Paris Saint-Germain) is on a roll.

Starting as a central attacking midfielder in the round of 16 match between Kyrgyzstan and Hangzhou at the Jinhua Sports Center Stadium in Zhejiang, China, on Sunday at 8:30 p.m. ET, Lee is showing off all of his skills, including dribbling, crossing and passing.

After a brief 36-minute appearance in the first half of the final group game against Bahrain on Sept. 24 to check his fitness, Lee was much lighter on his feet on this day and was active in the second line. He moved back and forth between the center and flanks to assemble the attack.

In the eighth minute, Lee exchanged one-on-one passes with Jung Woo-young before attempting a left-footed shot to the bottom right corner of the goal from a diagonal spot on the left side of the box. The process was smooth, but the ball left Lee’s left foot and went just wide of the goal. 토토사이트

In addition to stripping defenders with phantom dribbles in the opponent’s half, Lee created a golden opportunity for Jung Woo-young in the 31st minute with a sharp pass through the back of the defense. Jung Woo-young caught the ball and scored with a right-footed volley, but the goal was nullified by an offside penalty.

Lee Kang-in was not done. In the 36th minute, he sent in another cross, this time from the left side of the box, with his left foot out front. It’s a difficult technique. There were gasps from the stands.

South Korea took the lead in the first half with a penalty from Baek Seung-ho in the 11th minute and a header from Jung Woo-young in the 12th minute. However, in the 28th minute, Baek Seung-ho made a mistake with a ball touch in the South Korean zone, which led to a counterattack and a goal by Mascat Aligulov.

With South Korea holding a precarious 2-1 halftime lead, Lee Kang-in was the player who shone the brightest in the first half, even without an offensive point.

‘Up to 154km’ Moon Dong-joo, Jang Hyun-seok show no signs of slowing down…’Moon Bo-kyung 2 RBIs’ AG squad ‘checks out’ with 2-0 win over Commerce

The Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team, led by head coach Ryu Jung-il, has completed its first and final evaluation game. The mound was solid throughout, with ‘hopefuls’ Moon Dong-ju and Jang Hyun-seok making their mark with fastballs up to 154 kilometers per hour.

The Hangzhou Asian Games Baseball Team completed its pre-Asian Games practice with a 2-0 win over the Commerce Phoenix in an exhibition game at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Saturday.

The team virtually finalized its roster on Feb. 22. The Korea Baseball Softball Association (KBSA) Performance Enhancement Committee and the KBO Power Enhancement Committee have been working to replace players who were deemed unable to perform at their best during the tournament due to injury or illness. As a result, Lee Jung-hoo (Kiwoom), Koo Chang-mo (NC) and Lee Yi-ri (KIA) were dropped from the roster, while Kim Sung-yoon (Samsung), Kim Young-gyu (NC) and Yoon Dong-hee (Lotte) were added to the squad.

The roster can be changed until the 30th, but barring any changes during training, the team will likely travel to Hangzhou in its current configuration. The team will have an evaluation game on the 26th, followed by a final tune-up on the 27th, before flying to Hangzhou via Incheon International Airport on the 28th. The tournament begins on October 1st with the first match against Hong Kong.

The game saw most of the players on the roster return to the national team and commercial starting lineups. For the national team, Kim Hye-sung (second base), Choi Ji-hoon (center field), Noh Si-hwan (third base), Kang Baek-ho (designated hitter), Moon Bo-kyung (first base), Kim Hyung-joon (catcher), Park Sung-sung (shortstop), Choi Won-joon (right field), and Kim Sung-yoon (left field) were the starting lineup. 스포츠토토

Sangmu also included players from the national team. Against the national team, the lineup was Yoon Dong-hee (right fielder), Kim Joo-won (shortstop), Kim Ji-chan (second baseman), Kim Dong-heon (catcher), Cheon Sung-ho (first baseman), Na Seung-yup (designated hitter), Goo Bon-hyuk (third baseman), Byun Sang-kwon (left fielder), and Park Seung-gyu (right fielder). However, the players who played for the national team took three at-bats each and then handed over the batting order to the commerce players in the top of the eighth inning.

Before the game on June 26, Ryu expressed his concerns about the starting pitcher for the game against Chinese Taipei. The Chinese Taipei team is currently the biggest obstacle to the national team’s gold medal hunt. With a number of minor leaguers on the roster, the Chinese Taipei team is not to be taken lightly. In particular, pitchers Liu Zhi-long and Lin Yumin, who are currently playing in Double-A for the Boston Red Sox and Arizona Diamondbacks, are top of the list.

For now, Liu plans to use a 1+1 strategy on the mound. “I’m thinking about who to start against Taiwan. The candidates are Kwak Bin, (Park) Se-woong-i, and Moon Dong-ju. For now, I’ll watch Kwak Bin and Moon Dong-ju throw today (June 26), and then I’ll make a decision tomorrow based on their practice and condition. I’m not sure who to use first. For the first five or six innings, I’ll stick with the two starters. There will be variables, but that’s the current thinking.”

120 billion nova finally released?… ‘Protest incident → refusal to apologize → expulsion from first team’ Sancho, probability of being kicked out of Manchester United ‘significantly increases’

Will Jadon Sancho eventually be released? Sancho, who was recently expelled from Manchester United’s first team after rebelling against his manager, is in a situation where he could be released even though he arrived for an astronomical transfer fee.

British media ‘Mirror’ mentioned the future of players expelled from Manchester United’s first team on the 26th (Korean time), saying, “This is what happened to the players who were kicked out of the Manchester United locker room by manager Eric Tun Haag.”

The reason the media paid attention to this is because the club’s disciplinary action against Sancho has recently become more stringent. A number of local media outlets, including the Mirror, reported on the 26th that “Jadon Sancho was completely absent from the Manchester United first team as manager Eric Tun Haag issued a merciless ultimatum.”

Sancho, who was once considered a world-class winger beyond England, is currently excluded from Manchester United first team training. On the 14th, Manchester United officially announced on the club’s official website, “Sancho will be removed from the first team group and receive a personal training program until the issue of player discipline is resolved.”

The reason why Manchester United imposed a disciplinary action on Sancho, excluding first-team training, came from the match between Arsenal and Manchester United in the 4th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season held at the Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 4th. On this day, Sancho was excluded from the list of substitutes and was not included in the list.

England winger Sancho became a world-class player at a young age by earning a starting position at Borussia Dortmund, a powerhouse in the German Bundesliga. Sancho, who scored 50 goals and 64 assists in 137 games during his time at Dortmund, wore a Manchester United uniform when he transferred for a transfer fee of 85 million euros (about 120.7 billion won) in the summer of 2021.

However, Sancho did not live up to the price and expectations after the transfer. After moving to Manchester United, he appeared in 79 games for two seasons, scoring only 12 goals and 6 assists, and eventually fell out of the competition for the starting role from the 2023/24 season. After the season opened, Sancho started on the bench for all three league games. 토토사이트

Sancho, who was dissatisfied with his increasingly diminished playing time, exploded when he was left out of the roster in the game against Arsenal, causing a ‘protest’ in which he openly rebelled against coach Turn Haag.

South Korean sailor Cho Won-woo ‘booked gold’ on strength gained from ‘Munchan’

There’s an athlete who has a “gold medal reservation” for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games. He’s unrivaled in the sport. But it’s a familiar face. If you’re a regular viewer of TV entertainment programs, you’ll recognize his name: Cho Won-woo (29, Haeundae-gu Office), a Korean sailor.

He finished first in both the 13th and 14th races of the men’s windsurfing RS:X class at the Xiangshan Sailing Center in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China, on Saturday. He also finished first in the 11th and 12th races the day before, clinching the gold medal early. It is the first gold medal for South Korea in the water event. The awards ceremony will be held on the 27th.

Cho Won-woo had a flawless performance in the event to take a commanding first place. After placing second in the 10th race, he finished first in all 13 races, earning the ‘wall of fire’ gold medal. He also had the fewest penalties of any competitor with 13 points after the 12th race. Her second place finish was so close that she didn’t even have to sit out the final day of competition.

In sailing, the penalty for missing one race is seven points. If a sailor misses both of the remaining races of the day, the penalty is 14 points, but one race can be excluded from the final score, meaning the penalty for missing both races is only 7 points, which when added to the existing penalty (13 points), results in a total penalty of 20 points. As of Race 12, Thailand’s Natapong Ponopparat was in second place with a total of 27 penalty points, making it impossible for him to overtake Cho Won-woo.

The driving force behind Jo Won-woo’s dominant performance is the JTBC entertainment program “Muncha Chanda (Munchan) Season 2,” which he appeared in for more than two years. Cho Won-woo said that he was always encouraged by people around him, saying, “It was good to be on Munchan.” In 2021, Cho Won-woo auditioned for the show in front of “Munchan” director Lee Dong-hwan and coach Lee Dong-guk. He got high marks for playing soccer in elementary school.

At the time, Cho Won-woo said, “I want to promote the sport of sailing in Korea.” Two years later, viewers have come to associate Jo Won-woo with sailing, and his efforts to spread the sport have been significant. In an interview with the media, Jo Won-woo shared his thoughts on winning the gold medal, saying, “I was really encouraged by the amount of people who recognized me through Munchan.”

Cho Won-woo regretted not being able to appear on “Munchan” because he was focused on training for the Hangzhou Asian Games. He also wanted to repay the love he received from “Munchan” by training for sailing and soccer at the same time. The gold medal in sailing was the result. 스포츠토토

A representative from ‘Munchan’ said, “While ‘Munchan’ is led by former and current national team members who have shined in Korea, Jo Won-woo was very disappointed if he couldn’t appear on the show before the international competition.” “He has a lot of love for the show, so he always tried to participate, and as more people recognized him, he seemed to feel a sense of responsibility.”

On “Munchan,” Cho Won-woo revealed that he lost weight because he switched to sailing. The RS:X class is a standing windsurfing race,

Neville confesses: “I honestly thought Arsenal would beat Tottenham…there’s a big difference in quality”

Football commentator Gary Neville was surprised by the outcome of the North London derby.

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur played to a 2-2 draw in the sixth round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) at the Emirates Stadium in London, England on Thursday (April 24).

The game was a back-and-forth affair, with Arsenal taking an early lead through the efforts of Hekayo Sakho and Tottenham responding through Son Heung-min. In the 26th minute, Xhaka’s shot was deflected by Tottenham center back Christian Romero for an own goal. In the 42nd minute, Son Heung-min equalized off a cutback pass from James Maddison.

Nine minutes into the second half, Arsenal regained the lead when Xhaka scored from the penalty spot, only to be leveled by Son Heung-min. In the 10th minute, he calmly finished a forward pass from Maddison. No further goals were scored and the two teams split the points.

Speaking on his podcast, Neville said he was surprised the game ended in a draw, according to British outlet Football London. 토토사이트 “To be honest, I thought Arsenal were going to win before the game, and I thought they were going to win it quite comfortably,” he admitted.

The gap between Arsenal and Tottenham was huge last season. After leading the league for much of the season, Arsenal finished second. Spurs finished eighth and failed to qualify for Europe. Neville predicted that Tottenham would be on the rise under manager Enzi Postecoglou this season, but that they would be limited by Arsenal, and he was wrong.

“I thought the level difference would be quite big. I expected Tottenham to be their old self when they get into difficult situations. I thought we’d be overwhelmed, but we weren’t. It was quite a surprise.”

Contrary to Neville’s expectations, Tottenham have fared well against the big boys this season. They won 2-0 at home against Manchester United in the second leg and earned a point away at Arsenal.

The next test comes soon. Tottenham welcomes Liverpool to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium on Oct. 1 at 1:30 p.m. for the seventh round of the EPL. The Reds are unbeaten so far this season with six wins and one draw, including a win in Europe earlier this season.

‘WBC sweep to poisoned chalice?” Japanese national team names new U-12 coach Ibata…will take over from APBC to Premier12

Hirokazu Ibata, head coach of Japan’s U-12 national baseball team, has been tapped as the new head coach of Japan’s national baseball team, according to reports.

Japanese media outlet Junichi Shimbun reported on March 25 that “the candidates for the new head coach of Japan’s national baseball team ‘Samurai Japan’ have been narrowed down to Hirokazu Ibata, who played for Junichi and Yomiuri. The Nippon Baseball Organization (NPB) has been looking for a replacement for Hideki Kuriyama, who won the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March. Ibata, who has a wealth of experience as a player and coach with the national team, has been tapped to take the helm. Negotiations are expected to continue until the third Premier12, which will be held next November.”

The Japanese national team reached its peak in March when it won the WBC in a sweep. Head coach Hideki Kuriyama led the team to the top of the standings with Japanese players playing in the major leagues, including Shohei Ohtani (Angels) and Darvish Yu (San Diego). However, Kuriyama stepped down as manager of the national team after winning the WBC in May when his term expired. The NPB asked Kuriyama for a second term, but he declined, saying he needed to give the next generation a chance.

After Kuriyama declined, the NPB immediately began the search for his successor, creating a list of 40-50 candidates based on criteria such as youth, experience playing for multiple clubs, and international experience with the national team. “Many candidates were considered, including former Chiba Lotte manager Tadahito Iguchi, Daisuke Matsuzaka, who played for Seibu and Junichi and has major league experience, and Chiba Lotte manager Masato Yoshii, but in the end, the consensus was on Ibata,” the Junichi Shimbun explained.

Ibata, who played for Junichi (1998-2013) and Yomiuri (2014-2015) during his playing career, retired from active duty in 2015. He was the Yomiuri first base coach from 2016 to 2018, and the Japan National Team infield and first base coach from 2017 to 2021. Last year and this year, he was the head coach of Japan’s U-12 national team. 토토사이트

According to the Junichi Shimbun, “As a player, he participated in the 2003 Athens Olympic Games Asian Qualifier, the 2007 Beijing Olympic Games Asian Qualifier, and the 2013 WBC. At the WBC, he hit a game-tying single in the bottom of the ninth inning with Japan trailing by one run against Taiwan in the second round. He batted 5-for-5 in the tournament and was named the Best Nine Designated Hitter and the MVP of the Tokyo round,” said Coach Ibata about his international career.

Ibata has also experienced many international tournaments as a coach. “He coached the Japanese national team to victory at the 2017 Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC), the 2019 Premier 12, and the 2021 Tokyo Olympics,” said the Junichi Shimbun. Last year and this year, he coached the U-12 Japan National Team for the second consecutive year, and this year he improved their ranking from seventh to fourth.” “His baseball theory and coaching skills are highly regarded. He has been called upon as an interim coach for the Japanese university and high school national teams.

Asian Games men’s soccer group stage final three matches… SBS’ highest-rated game of the tournament at 8.3 percent

The men’s soccer group stage match between South Korea and Bahrain at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games took place on the 24th of this month, with the South Koreans heating up the home front and recording a peak rating of 8.3% in the second half.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 25th, SBS recorded 2.8% in the 20-40 demographic, tied with MBC, which recorded 3%. KBS’s viewership was just 2%.

The 2049 viewership is the most important metric for advertising and marketing, and SBS’s propaganda on this day was centered on the professional commentary of its signature commentary team, the “Bae Bak Jang Trio,” as well as their sparkling “tiki-taka” and wit.

First, Park Ji-sung drew attention with his so-called “haberdashery joke” that utilized his experience on the European stage, saying, “It hurts my heart that there are fewer fans wearing Man United jerseys these days,” referring to Lee Kang-in’s PSG jerseys that could be seen all over the stadium. He also showed off his wit by saying, “If he’s that good, he can join the coaching staff,” referring to Lee Kang-in’s relaxed demeanor even when he was next to coach Hwang Sun-hong before the game.

Commentator Jang Ji-hyun said, “I think this is the team with the best offensive firepower among the Asian Games members so far,” and commentator Park Ji-sung said, “It’s interesting that they are scoring goals almost every time. It’s interesting that they are scoring goals at almost every time.” The team’s steady performance throughout the entire game is a strong point, raising expectations for the upcoming round of 16.

The key to the game was the return of ace Lee Kang-in.

Lee, who joined the national team on the 21st due to the aftermath of a thigh injury and his club Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) European Champions League schedule, was expected to be fit and ready to play. In his pre-match preview, Jang Ji-hyun said, “Lee Kang-in played 11 minutes in the Champions League against Dortmund for PSG, but that was his first real game in a month. He still lacks a little bit of game experience, so we’re going to start him today to improve his game experience.” Park Ji-sung added, “I think Lee Kang-in will focus on taking care of himself, judging where his physical condition is now, and focusing on getting in sync with the players.” As predicted by the two commentators, Lee ended his debut by being substituted in the 36th minute of the match after getting to work with his teammates for the first time in practice. 토토사이트

The SBS backroom trio, who have been a hit with 2049 viewers in all three of South Korea’s qualifying matches, will be back in action on Sunday when South Korea takes on Kyrgyzstan in the Round of 16.

‘Son Heung-min to start!’ Tottenham announce starting XI for Arsenal as they look to win first North London derby in 13 years

By Lee Eun-gyeon [Sports reporter] Son Heung-min (Tottenham) will start the North London derby.

Tottenham announced its starting lineup for the sixth round of the 2023-2024 English Premier League (EPL) season against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in London, England, on Thursday afternoon.

Tottenham pull out the ‘Son Heung-min card’. They started Son alongside James Maddison, Brennan Johnson, and Dejan Kluczewski. The four players will rotate to lead the attack. Pape Sarr and Yves Bissouma are the back two. Christian Romero and Mickey van der Vaan are the back four, with Pedro Foro and Destiny Udogie on the flanks. In goal is Vicario.

For Arsenal, Laya, Saliba, White, Magalhaes, Xhaka, Ödegaard, Jesus, Nketiah, Vieira, Zinchenko, and Rice will start. 먹튀검증

Son Heung-min currently has 197 career goals in Europe. He needs just three more goals to reach 200 in Europe. At the same time, Heung-min is looking to break into the top 20 of the PL’s all-time goalscorers list. Currently tied for 30th with Darren Bent on 106 goals, one more goal would move him into a tie for 29th place on the PL’s all-time goalscoring list with Paul Scholes (107). It will be interesting to see if Heung-min can find the back of the net two games after his hat-trick against Burnley.

Tottenham also need a win. Spurs haven’t won a league game away from the Emirates Stadium in 13 years, since November 2010. They’ll be looking for their first win in 13 years.

“Hyun Soo-hyung hugged me tightly” The unyielding No. 1 team, watching from afar… The sincerity of Moonbomul

This year is really different. Even though he is away from the team, ‘Moon Treasure’ has his eyes set on a championship.

The Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games team, led by head coach Liu Zhongil, held its second day of training at the Gocheok SkyDome on Thursday. The team will take a day off before playing a practice match against Sangsung on the 26th.

For Moon Bo-kyung, it will be her first cap. LG has a lot of veterans on the team, including Kim Hyun-soo and Oh Ji-hwan.

“(Oh) Ji-hwan said, ‘Go with a winning spirit,’ so I asked (Kim) Hyun-soo to hug me. He said, ‘What’s wrong with men,’ but he hugged me and told me to do a good job at home.”

Although they are far apart in body, they are one in heart. When asked if she watches her team’s games, Moon Bo-kyung replied, “Actually, I do. I watched our game after training. I can’t help it,” she said with a smile. The game was even better than before training.

The Asian Games baseball team will play its final game on the 7th of next month. The LG Twins, who have dominated the regular season, could clinch the regular season title before Moon returns.

“As long as we win the championship, it’s fine,” said Moon, who met with her in-laws. “I think they’re doing better without me,” she laughed, “because they have so many strong seniors. If LG coach Yeom Kyung-yeop heard this, he would have asked what they were talking about. Coincidentally, LG won two straight games against Hanwha on March 23 and 24 to solidify its hold on first place.

Moon’s best picture is to win the regular season and then return home with literal “gold” to the team that awaits in the Korean Series. But I will support them from afar,” Moon emphasized. The goal, of course, is gold for the team. She hopes to play a role in that victory.

The Xiaoxing Baseball Stadium, where the Asian Games will be held, is an artificial turf field. However, Moon Bo-kyung, an infield specialist, pointed out more details.

“It feels like an old shepherd’s stadium. The entire infield is not covered with artificial turf, and there is a lot of dirt. There are no professional stadiums in Korea like that anymore. I think I’ll have to get used to it on the field.”

If Kang Baek-ho sees a designated hitter, Noh Si-hwan and Moon Bo-kyung will be his only first basemen. Defense coaches Lee Jong-yeol and Ryu Ji-hyun will decide their positions.

Moon said, “It’s been a while since I played first base, so it’s a little awkward. The angle I stand and the angle I look at are different than usual,” she said, adding, “My hands are hurting because the pitches of Kim Hye-sung, Noh Si-hwan, and Park Sung-hwan are huge. I need to adapt to first base as soon as possible,” she said, strengthening her resolve. 레고토토

The Gocheok Dome, where the national team is training, is showing videos of Taiwanese pitchers’ pitches and Korean players’ home runs, strikeouts, and other good plays. A KBO official explained, “We want the fans to analyze the game when they have a free moment, and we also want them to gain strength in the sense of cheering.”

There is also a video of Moon’s home run. “I didn’t really watch it, but when I looked up from the first base side to see the ball, I saw my video,” Moon smiled.

“I think it’s more fun to practice with other players my age. I will prepare well so that I can approach the game with the same mindset as usual.”

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