The coach is adamant. He doesn’t even want to talk about players and conflict.

Manchester United defeated Crystal Palace 3-0 in the EFL Cup (League Cup) for the 2023-24 season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England on Sunday (April 27).

It was a one-sided affair. United took the lead in the first half through goals from Alejandro Garnacho (19) and Casemiro (30) before adding a 10th-minute consolation goal from Anthony Martial (28) in the second half.

In his post-match interview, head coach Eric den Haag was asked about a player who has been in conflict recently. “I don’t know, it’s up to him (how to resolve the conflict),” Van Gaal said of Jadon Sancho’s (23) current situation. I don’t comment on players who are not playing,” he said firmly.

On April 4, British media outlet The Guardian reported, “Sancho has described himself as a scapegoat. The comments cast doubt on his future at Manchester United”. 메이저사이트

The fourth round tie against Arsenal was a problem. In his post-match press conference, Van Gaal cited “poor training performance” as the reason for Sancho’s exclusion. Sancho took to social media to refute this claim.

“I’m not going to listen to something that’s not true at all,” he said, “I’ve trained well. I think there’s another reason (for his exclusion). I’ve been scapegoated for a long time. It’s not fair.” Van Gaal chose Alejandro Garnacho, 19, and Facundo Pelestri, 21, as bench options for Arsenal.

Sancho’s protest continued. He said: “I’m just happy to play football and contribute to the team. I respect all the decisions of the coaching staff. I’m playing with a fantastic group of players. I know that every week is a challenge.” In Sancho’s absence, United lost 1-3 at Arsenal.

The mood in the locker room was turned upside down. The players seem to have turned their backs on Sancho. According to a report by ESPN on September 9, the team is fed up with Sancho’s behavior. The players are tired of his attitude. They are in full support of Van Gaal. Aside from Sancho, the majority of United’s players are satisfied with Van Gaal’s management of the team.

Van Gaal has given him a chance. But Sancho rejected Van Gaal’s request for a public apology. The club came down hard. “Sancho has breached a disciplinary matter,” the club said through official channels, “and he is excluded from first-team training for the time being. He will only train privately until the matter is resolved.”

The team’s own disciplinary measures are even stronger. Sancho was not only banned from training, but also from using the first team facilities. He’s not even allowed to eat with the first team. According to the Mirror, Sancho was reportedly eating in the same cafeteria as United’s academy players.

Players have even been giving him advice directly. According to Sky Sports, veteran United players convinced Sancho to apologize directly to Van Gaal. The Sun reported that the players were Harry, who also played with the England national team.