Will Jadon Sancho eventually be released? Sancho, who was recently expelled from Manchester United’s first team after rebelling against his manager, is in a situation where he could be released even though he arrived for an astronomical transfer fee.

British media ‘Mirror’ mentioned the future of players expelled from Manchester United’s first team on the 26th (Korean time), saying, “This is what happened to the players who were kicked out of the Manchester United locker room by manager Eric Tun Haag.”

The reason the media paid attention to this is because the club’s disciplinary action against Sancho has recently become more stringent. A number of local media outlets, including the Mirror, reported on the 26th that “Jadon Sancho was completely absent from the Manchester United first team as manager Eric Tun Haag issued a merciless ultimatum.”

Sancho, who was once considered a world-class winger beyond England, is currently excluded from Manchester United first team training. On the 14th, Manchester United officially announced on the club’s official website, “Sancho will be removed from the first team group and receive a personal training program until the issue of player discipline is resolved.”

The reason why Manchester United imposed a disciplinary action on Sancho, excluding first-team training, came from the match between Arsenal and Manchester United in the 4th round of the 2023/24 Premier League season held at the Emirates Stadium in London, England on the 4th. On this day, Sancho was excluded from the list of substitutes and was not included in the list.

England winger Sancho became a world-class player at a young age by earning a starting position at Borussia Dortmund, a powerhouse in the German Bundesliga. Sancho, who scored 50 goals and 64 assists in 137 games during his time at Dortmund, wore a Manchester United uniform when he transferred for a transfer fee of 85 million euros (about 120.7 billion won) in the summer of 2021.

However, Sancho did not live up to the price and expectations after the transfer. After moving to Manchester United, he appeared in 79 games for two seasons, scoring only 12 goals and 6 assists, and eventually fell out of the competition for the starting role from the 2023/24 season. After the season opened, Sancho started on the bench for all three league games. 토토사이트

Sancho, who was dissatisfied with his increasingly diminished playing time, exploded when he was left out of the roster in the game against Arsenal, causing a ‘protest’ in which he openly rebelled against coach Turn Haag.