The men’s soccer group stage match between South Korea and Bahrain at the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games took place on the 24th of this month, with the South Koreans heating up the home front and recording a peak rating of 8.3% in the second half.

According to Nielsen Korea on the 25th, SBS recorded 2.8% in the 20-40 demographic, tied with MBC, which recorded 3%. KBS’s viewership was just 2%.

The 2049 viewership is the most important metric for advertising and marketing, and SBS’s propaganda on this day was centered on the professional commentary of its signature commentary team, the “Bae Bak Jang Trio,” as well as their sparkling “tiki-taka” and wit.

First, Park Ji-sung drew attention with his so-called “haberdashery joke” that utilized his experience on the European stage, saying, “It hurts my heart that there are fewer fans wearing Man United jerseys these days,” referring to Lee Kang-in’s PSG jerseys that could be seen all over the stadium. He also showed off his wit by saying, “If he’s that good, he can join the coaching staff,” referring to Lee Kang-in’s relaxed demeanor even when he was next to coach Hwang Sun-hong before the game.

Commentator Jang Ji-hyun said, “I think this is the team with the best offensive firepower among the Asian Games members so far,” and commentator Park Ji-sung said, “It’s interesting that they are scoring goals almost every time. It’s interesting that they are scoring goals at almost every time.” The team’s steady performance throughout the entire game is a strong point, raising expectations for the upcoming round of 16.

The key to the game was the return of ace Lee Kang-in.

Lee, who joined the national team on the 21st due to the aftermath of a thigh injury and his club Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) European Champions League schedule, was expected to be fit and ready to play. In his pre-match preview, Jang Ji-hyun said, “Lee Kang-in played 11 minutes in the Champions League against Dortmund for PSG, but that was his first real game in a month. He still lacks a little bit of game experience, so we’re going to start him today to improve his game experience.” Park Ji-sung added, “I think Lee Kang-in will focus on taking care of himself, judging where his physical condition is now, and focusing on getting in sync with the players.” As predicted by the two commentators, Lee ended his debut by being substituted in the 36th minute of the match after getting to work with his teammates for the first time in practice. 토토사이트

The SBS backroom trio, who have been a hit with 2049 viewers in all three of South Korea’s qualifying matches, will be back in action on Sunday when South Korea takes on Kyrgyzstan in the Round of 16.