“Even if the umpire had called fair right away, Han Yoo-seom wouldn’t have gotten to second base, so we made an out.”

On the 21st, the SSG Landers had to deal with a bizarre situation. They had nothing to say about the outcome of the 1-2 loss, but there was a part of the process that didn’t quite convince them.

Trailing 0-2 through seven innings, SSG had a golden opportunity in the bottom of the eighth. After Choo Shin-soo singled to left field, Heredia drew a walk. Choi followed with a double down the right field line. With runners on first and second, Han Yoo-seom drew a walk to load the bases.

Park Sung-han hit the fourth pitch from reliever Yoo Young-chan, and the ball sailed down the first base line, right into the hands of Woo Hyo-dong at first base. A grounder to second turned into an infield hit.

At that moment, Han Yusum, the runner at first base, looked at the first baseman as he tried to run to second base. He needed to see if it was a foul or fair. The first base umpire didn’t call fair. He raised his arm ambiguously. The umpire’s call was unclear, so how should the player decide. Han Yusum stepped on the first base again. The first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong did not call fair. The SSG team can only think of a balk or a foul.

LG requested a video replay to confirm the fair/foul call. Once the ball was judged to have hit first baseman Kim Min-sung’s glove, it was a fair ball, meaning that Eredia, the third baseman who crossed home plate on Park’s hit, was allowed to score.

The problem is that Han was called out. “There was no intention to advance to second base,” the umpire said. Coach Kim Won-hyung protested for more than 10 minutes, but it was not accepted. Eventually, he was sent off for protesting the video review and the situation didn’t change.

The KBO commented on the umpires’ decision, saying, “The ball went past the first baseman’s glove and was declared fair. The video review center stopped play when the ball hit the umpire, but even if the umpire had declared it fair immediately, Han Yoo-seom would not have made it to second base, so the out was made.”

This is where the explanation became difficult to understand. “Even if the umpire had declared fair, Han Yoo-seom would not have gotten to second base,” he assumed. Coach Kim Won-hyung also questioned this point. But he didn’t accept it. No one was convinced.

Han Yoo-seom became a “virtual out. The umpire made the call as if he knew what Kim Min-sung’s next play would be. 메이저사이트 The KBO only punished the first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong. It admitted that it had misapplied the rule.

The KBO announced, “We have suspended umpire Woo Hyo-dong for causing confusion by not operating the game smoothly during the LG-SSG game at SSG Landers Field on March 21.”

“The first base umpire Woo Hyo-dong misapplied Official Baseball Rule 5.06 (c) Balls Dead (6) and should have declared an in-play after SSG’s Park Sung-hwan’s bunt hit the umpire in the bottom of the eighth inning, but instead declared a ball dead, causing confusion in the game,” the KBO explained.

The umpire, Woo Hyo-dong, was suspended today (Feb. 22).