The world is stunned by a ‘killer tackle’ in the Honduran first division.

Marathon hosted Liga Nacional leaders Olympia on Sept. 18. The ‘0’ streak was broken in the 39th minute of the second half. Olympia’s Kevin Lopez rattled the net.

The Marathon had a long way to go, and it was about to get ridiculous. Andre Orejana, 21, messed up in the 41st minute.

With his studs up to win a loose ball, he charged at Olympia’s Carlos Pineda and Herma Mahia, attempting a high two-footed tackle. The result was shocking.

Pineda handled the ball first and the tackle came in. Orejana’s feet swept Pineda and Mahia, who was right behind her, as if she were watching human bowling.

They both fell to the ground. The referee wasted no time in showing Orejana a red card. It was a ruthless tackle that left the commentators speechless.

Orejana eventually apologized. “I was wrong, and I apologize to everyone. This is part of soccer, but it won’t happen again. Human beings learn from their mistakes,” he said.

Online was also heated. Fans were outraged, saying, “This should be a life sentence, not a red card,” “At least a three-month suspension,” 메이저사이트 “Two red cards,” and more.

Pineda and Mahia were unable to get up for a while, but thankfully they were not seriously injured and stayed on the field until the final whistle, and Olympia won 1-0.