Tottenham Hotspur fans are hoping that Son Heung-min is not injured.

According to Football London, “There were concerns about Son Heung-min’s injury, but he was included in the roster for the game against Saudi Arabia. Earlier in the day, Son was pictured with an ice pack on his knee, raising concerns among Tottenham fans that the Spurs captain had suffered a serious injury. Heung-min was spotted at Newcastle’s training camp and is believed to have suffered an injury during training.” Spurs fans were worried about the injury when they saw him.

Injuries to key players are one of the biggest concerns for club fans during the A-match. These players are often key players for their respective national teams, so there’s a good chance they’ll be called up to play for their national teams and get injured while doing so. 먹튀검증

Tottenham’s captain and key resource, Son Heung-min, is no exception. He is the captain of South Korea and the most important player in the team’s offense. It’s no exaggeration to say that the South Korean team’s tactics are centered around him, and he plays full time in most games unless something happens.

For Tottenham, Son is a player who usually starts, plays the full game, and stays on the field until late. He’s a tactically important player, and this season he’s certainly improved his game compared to last season, which is why fans are excited about him. However, playing so many games for both the club and the national team naturally puts a strain on his body, which increases the risk of injury. That’s why Tottenham fans are worried about his condition.

Fortunately, it seems unlikely that Son is injured. He started the game against Saudi Arabia and played virtually the entirety of the game before being subbed off in stoppage time. However, he played another 90 minutes against Wales, so it’s not impossible that he could be feeling the strain.

There is a good chance that Son will return to Tottenham and be available for their Premier League (PL) fifth-round tie against Sheffield United, which is scheduled to take place on September 16. He’ll be aiming for his fourth goal of the season at Sheffield Wednesday, having raised his game with a hat-trick against Burnley last time out.