The fans’ support for Gwangju FC is heating up, and the popularity of the away support bus is soaring as the size of the fan base grows.

On the 29th, Gwangju FC announced that it will remove the application (recruitment) limit and provide snacks (bread, drinks, etc.) to away supporters for the remainder of the season due to the growing popularity of the support bus.

Gwangju has been operating the away support bus for free for the 2023 season for the convenience of fans. Supporters can apply for the bus through the website up to four days before the away game, and it will only be operated when there are at least 20 people (limited to 110 people).

However, a happy problem arose. Recently, as the fan support heated up, the application for the away support bus closed early and DLtEK.

Fans who were unaware of the limit posted on the club’s website and social media channels, saying, “There is still time to apply for the support bus, but the application is closed” and “Please increase the number of applicants”.

In response, the club immediately decided to operate the support bus for all those who applied. The club also decided to provide snacks (bread and drinks) to fans on the support bus for the remaining away games, including the final round. 온라인바카라

Lim Geun-hoon, CEO of Gwangju, said, “Fans who are attracted by the intuitive appeal of the game are taking the initiative to cheer for the team rather than waiting for the next home game (September 24 vs. Jeonbuk Hyundai), which is just over a month away,” adding, “We are realizing the increased enthusiasm and popularity of the fans. We will make every effort to ensure that no safety accidents occur.”