“There is no doubt in my mind that he will return to the mound.”

Mike Trout, the owner of Major League Baseball’s largest-ever 12-year, $426.5 million contract, has no doubts about Shohei Ohtani’s (Los Angeles Angels) “Idoru comeback. Trout told FOX Sports on Aug. 28 (KST) that he has no doubts about Idoru’s return.

He also said, “With Ohtani, there is a team called the Los Angeles Angels. He still has to get paid. Even if he doesn’t pitch again, he’s still a player that everybody wants. I believe he will come back from his injury. Ohtani always wants to be a two-hitter.”

Ohtani’s ulnar collateral ligament injury in his elbow has been the biggest story in Major League Baseball lately. Ohtani recently declared himself out for the season as a pitcher and has been playing exclusively as a hitter. According to American media, he will need Tommy John surgery to return to pitching. However, the Angels have not yet announced whether or not he will undergo surgery.

In the meantime, general manager Perry Minasian has taken the blame. Earlier this month, he skipped a rotation due to finger cramps and fatigue, which was clearly a red flag. However, the Angels claimed that they were denied an MRI by Ohtani and his agent earlier in the season and this month. There has been no response from Ohtani or his agent on the matter.

Regardless, it is clear that Ohtani is not going to give up on Idoryu easily. There are also concerns about him undergoing a second Tommy John surgery in 2018. What’s clear is that if he goes under the knife, he won’t be available for the 2024 season, and his value will inevitably drop in the upcoming free agency. There’s been talk of $600-700 million, and even $500 million is a stretch.

This is where Trout’s comments in support of Ohtani come in. But regardless of Otani’s comments, 토토사이트 Trautani’s time was running out. Some analysts believe that Ohtani’s price tag has dropped, increasing his chances of staying with the Angels. However, the general consensus is that Ohtani’s chances of staying with a “no-win” Angels organization are diminishing.

Furthermore, Minasian’s comments on the 27th could be construed as an attempt to deflect or shift blame from the club, regardless of whether they are true or not. I wonder what Ohtani was thinking when he heard Minassian’s comments, and whether he was even more distrustful of the club’s front office. Trout and Ohtani are likely to go down as the most unfortunate duo in Major League Baseball history. The end is near.