The management of Manchester City’s Official Supporters Club (OSC) has resigned amid controversy. Several members of the public who were directly affected are preparing to sue.

“We sincerely apologize for the distress caused to our members by the suspicion of preferential treatment and poor accounting,” the OSC management team said on March 3. “The current management team takes responsibility and resigns in total, and once again, we bow our heads and apologize for the great disappointment to all OSC members and football fans who love Man City,” they wrote at the end of their explanation and apology. 메이저놀이터

The resignation follows a number of controversies, including allegations of favoritism during City’s visit late last month and the unclear use of membership fees. But the resentment among OSC members who were directly affected runs deep. The resignation of the board members is not the end of the story, and they are determined to fight back.

“There are about 20 people who want to sue,” Mr. A, who is promoting a class action lawsuit over the controversy, told us. A law firm told me that I can get compensation if I sue them, and I am in contact with them.”

The OSC moderators were suspected of taking membership fees to their personal accounts and using them fraudulently without disclosing where they were going. After the actual controversy and outcry from the public, the organization finally released the books, but even the belated books were viewed with suspicion. Instead of answering the questions of City fans, it only caused more anger.

In the end, the OSC management team announced their resignation, saying, “All public funds that the management team used arbitrarily due to ignorance and inexperience have been returned to the public account.” It seemed like they wanted to close the case by replenishing the funds. However, Mr. A said, “It seems that (the management team) embezzled about 5 million won. There is a precedent that embezzlement is recognized even if the money is replenished (afterwards),” he said.

As the OSC management team’s ‘armband’ became known to the world, it stirred up the anger of not only Man City fans but also soccer fans. The general OSC members who were most affected by the incident have been sending direct emails to the club to make amends.

Many soccer fans are united. Fans who are not participating in the lawsuit to punish OSC officials are also raising money and expressing their support. The controversy is not expected to die down anytime soon, as soccer fans still have a lot of anger towards the resigned OSC management.