Goodbye MEH and hello MAGIC!

“Even something as simple as doing the dishes has become totally sacred.”  Hey love, if that can feel magical (and it can), then where else is magic hiding in plain sight?

The Moon is constantly shifting, and so are we.

Tap into its power—and yours—and start manifesting magic in your life.

It’s easy to forget just how extraordinarily magical life is.

You might think that magic” means levitating candles and Ouija boards, but it’s actually much simpler (and more powerful) than that.

But, as a mom of two and full-time business owner, I know how life can get so boring, busy, and robotic that you miss out on the sacred. You lose touch with your soul… You find yourself depleted, depressed, and disconnected from what really matters.

Magic feels far away, maybe even laughable or fake; something reserved for the Special Effects squad at Netflix.

Enter: the Moon + Manifest Collective

A playfully sacred space that offers you…

“Me” time that goes
beyond potty breaks.

Shut yourself in the bedroom, press play on a pre-recorded ritual or hop on a group call, and figure out who the hell you ARE and what you want. 

Always nice when your intuition doesn’t need to scream to be heard.

Explore who you WANT to be.

Embody your inner Empath Fairy or Time-Weaving Witch. You’ll get no side-eye from us, and you might even start to *really* love, cherish, and care for your wonderfully weird self.

Watch out now. Self Love makes cool shit happen.

Get MORE Done
With LESS Effort

Learn to take action in alignment with the moon cycle, even if your life is fuller than your laundry basket!

Get off the burn out-numb out rollercoaster and get in flow.

It’ll feel like magic
(because it IS magic). 

Aly Moon + Manifest Testmonial
Cari Moon + Manfiest Testimonial

Your membership includes…

1 | Guided Rituals for each New & Full Moon

Our bi-monthly rituals are easy to follow along with, pre-recorded (so you can access them anytime), and help you rest, reset, act, play, or dream at the BEST times for you

moon and manifest crystal ball
moon and manifest hand

2 | Grounded Group Coaching

Our bi-monthly LIVE Coaching & Q+A calls with Lola and our Empathology™ certified coaching team offer you space to receive insight, support, and practical wisdom, so that you can handle the side effects of living your best life. (HINT: not everyone will be stoked at your offensively awesome priorities.)

moon and manifest hand

3 | Soul Family Community Support

If you’ve always felt like the “psychedelic sheep” of your family or have been told you’re too much/too sensitive/too <fill in the blank>, you’re going to LOVE how supported, at home, and held you feel in our sacred community space.

moon and manifest weaving hands
moon and manifest hands herbs

4 | Playful Gifts & Surprises

Monthly member giveaways and surprise trainings + meditations mean that it’s never a dull moment for our Collective peeps. You never know what Lola’s got cooking for you in her cauldron of fun. (No eyes of newts will be harmed in the making of our concoctions.)

moon and manifest hands herbs

There’s no contract or obligation: stay as long as you want!
If it’s not your vibe, bounce out with no further charges…
You do YOU.

Join us ONLY if you want Wayyyyyyyyy more Fun, Flow, and Magic in your life!

"I've struggled to speak up and be vulnerable in groups...

Thank you for being a space to share my fears AND joys… Everyone else’s courage makes it feel safe for me to be seen.”

—Katherine R., Yoga Teacher

"I am so grateful for the divine guidance that brought me into this magical, healing space with all of you.

Just this year, I heard the calling to tune into the cycles of the moon and how that affects everything.”

—Bronwen G., Los Angeles

"There's a big change coming with so many people rediscovering their magic.

It’s so comforting and affirming to have this community to share the adventure with!”

—Liz K., New York

"This group is pure ✨ magic (and it's helping remember mine)."

—Halee C.

Meet Your Lunar Leader

Moon-obsessed since childhood, Lola Pickett left behind an autopilot” life and struck out to make a more magical existence starting 10 years ago.

Now, with two kids, a thriving company, and a soulmate marriage, she’s thrilled to empower other sensitive souls to re-connect with themselves, listen to their souls, and courageously stretch into their purpose… All with more ease, flow, and fun thanks to the light (and the dark) of the moon.

Lola is also the writer and creator of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot where she blends animal messages, alchemical transformation, and heartfelt transmissions for herself and others to benefit from.

When not coaching or playing with her family, Lola can be found enjoying her permaculture infused backyard, hiking local trails, or tapping into her own Moon magic.

Is this membership for you?

M+M will be supportive and fun
beyond your wildest dreams if you….

  • Get slightly jealous of people who seem to easily—or at least bravely—let their weirdness OUT
  • Are addicted to shows like FATE, Outlander, and Discovery of Witches
  • Not-so-secretly wish you had glittery vampire skin
  • Are an “NF” on the Meyers-Briggs
  • Crave a community that’s emotionally, psychologically, and energetically SAFE *and* super fun
  • Yearn to experience more “magic” in your everyday life
  • Want to feel more authentic, but are a little scared of what that might actually look or feel like
  • Are curious about how to weave more rituals into your life, but don’t have tons of time or the perfect setups that you see on insta
  • Are ready for life to have a whole lot more FLOW and a whole lot less FRICTION
  • Are proactively anti-racist and are willing to de-program any colonizer-based spiritual practices
  • Want your magic to support you AND the greater good
moon and manifest testimonial

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