Lessons on Badassery from Biggie and Tupac
Lessons on Badassery from Biggie and Tupac

Guest post by Kristen Elliot

I’m used to Spirit Guides showing up, hanging out, and generally lending their comforting presence and wisdom. Usually it’s my great-grandmother or my step-mom. Sometimes, it’s my childhood friend that died in car accident when we were in 7th grade. One time, it was a large, ominous, indigenous “shaman” that clearly was not present for my highest good. He left when I asked, thank Goddess.

But never have I ever experienced the force, the magnitude, the sheer power of two guides that showed up in a recent shamanic journey with team Moon + Manifest.

You might be familiar with them….

It was a truly beautiful shamanic journey ceremony. Selenite wands, burning Copal and palo santo smoke protected our space. The altar was beset with smokey quartz, pyrite, and chrysocolla.

We set our intentions then gave them up to source through fire. Mine included a desire to venture further down my path… A path that is polarizing and powerful; not for the faint of heart. It’s rooted in death. It IS death – death doula work and death work for the living – a journey through death in order to live closer to soul. BIG stuff, needing epic support.

Icaros were sung, the shaman’s drum was played – it was a magnificently guided journey.

And then, an offhand comment about feeling so fresh and so clean, clean.

The cosmic whirrrrr of righteous flow kicked in.

Hip hop. Yes! We NEEDED—we HAD TO HAVE—hip hop.

Lola opened up Spotify and a playlist began to channel through her, song by song. Outkast, Biggie, Tupac, Tina Turner, Madonna…

It was rhythmic and intense and left us all feeling fully in our power. Like really great sex…

These Badasses of Flow congregated with us, specifically to support the forward path – mine in death and life and Lola and Tigre’s in helping others human well.

So what knowledge got dropped? What had us saying Fuck Yeah?

1 | Savagely Take Up Space

This human life is short. We each only get a handful of years to rack up all the human experiences we can. So while we’re here, we need to take up as much S P A C E as possible. Be really, intentionally, physically present. Look others directly in the eye.

Physically connect with a hand on the shoulder or a hug instead of a handshake. Walk into a room with confidence and know, deep down, that you REALLY belong there. That you belong here. Now.

Use your voice.
Use your ears.
Use what you have to impact the world around you.

Do all the things and have all the experiences. Because this is your one human life. Live every inch of it, as big as you can.

2 | Be Unapologetically Who You Are

You get a freak flag! And YOU get a freak flag! And YOU get a freak flag!

(It’s like an Oprah giveaway!)

We all have ‘em. They look different from person to person, but we all have those little quirks, personalities, habits and unique elements that make us individuals. And thank Goddess for that, #amiright?! Otherwise, how boring it would all be.

We each have an offering for the world. And our offering perfectly answers the call from others.

Somewhere, someone wants and needs exactly what YOU have to give.

(As a perfect example of this, when Lola wanted to honor these two guides on her altar going forward, someone had already made the exact prayer candles she was looking for.)

We’re in service to others and the universe as a whole when we’re totally and completely, authentically ourselves. Your freak flag is a permission slip.

3 | Ambition Is Not a Four-Letter Word

Biggie and Tupac didn’t think twice about becoming two of the biggest artists that ever lived. Or that they came from nothing and for all intents and purposes, “should” never have attained the success they did. Hello, modern society and embedded racism.

But, they wanted to create. So they created.

Regardless (and maybe in spite of) what might have seemed possible at the time… They got after it; hard-core and big-time. Again, unapologetically. Because…

4 | You Are Replaceable

One day, we’ll die. Life will go on without us. Our friends and loved ones will eventually move on from our death. The Earth will keep turning, the sun will keep shining and tides will continue to ebb and flow.

If you have one precious life, and at the end, you’re gone (whatever “gone” means to you), what excuse do you have to NOT actively become all you want to be, have all the experiences you yearn to have, and generally be the most fully YOU that you can be?

We literally have nothing to lose. We all meet the same end. But what if being an active participant in our lives allows others to be active participants in theirs? Waving our freak flag and taking up space and saying what we want and need to say and going after our deepest desires – these things help shift humanity into higher vibration.

We are nothing and everything all at once. So why NOT be a fucking gangster with your life?

Perhaps Biggie said it best:

Stay far from timid.
Only make moves
when your heart’s in it.
I live the phrase
“sky’s the limit.”

And if you don’t know, now you know.

In deep gratitude for the messages we received from these unexpected guides. How generous of them to appear for us that day. May we live their medicine well (and fully).

And, may we co-create a culture where it’s not such an uphill scramble for geniuses like these two to “make” it.


Through her courses and programs, Lola Pickett empowers empaths and sensitive folk to rewire their brains, bodies, and behavior for internal & external resilience; shifting from self-repression to soul-expression.

She is the published author of the Wild Messengers Alchemical Tarot, host of the Moon + Manifest podcast and founder of Empathology™—an emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual resiliency training program.

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