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Hey, I’m Lola Archer Pickett…

In 2012, my life fell apart.

That year, I left my decade-long first marriage, my son received a life-changing autism diagnosis, and I met the love of my life.

This was after I’d already left my stable-but-soul-sucking corporate job in 2011 and started my own freelance design business.

The future I’d thought I was building… Evaporated.

But instead of letting the chaos take me down, I managed to elevate almost every aspect of my life. It took time, but the results were stable: my second marriage was offensively awesome, my evolving business was flourishing, and we added a daughter to our family.

My clients kept asking how I managed to keep going and growing… and thus began my obsession with demystifying the process of REAL human transformation.



But, it turns out that “design” applies to humans, too.

So, how do you DESIGN a life that honors your soul, feels purpose-full, and generates breakthrough levels of success? 

Like any solid design, it starts with the human who will use it.

What I’ve discovered as my business morphed over the years into a coaching + course platform is this: If you want to design something unprecedented for your life & business… Something edgy and exciting that shatters your old beliefs about what you’re capable of creating…

Something that re-writes the story of WHO you’re capable of being… Something that sets in motion the ripple effect you’re called to be a part of… 

Your nervous system MUST feel safe, first.

Otherwise, no amount of coaching, success habits, mindset work, manifestation practices, or marketing strategies will result in sustainable growth. You’ll fall right back into what’s familiar – even if that’s NOT where you want to be.

Your “upper limit problem” is a creation of your nervous system… Which manufactures protective patterns of flight, fight, freeze, appease, and “puzzle-piece” every time you’re at the verge of your next level. Success feels like a safety threat.  

After thousands of hours in client sessions and experiential research, I developed the Empathology™ Method, which teaches your nervous system a simple, proven way to feel safe to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. 

“Moon + Manifest”?


The "moon" represents our mutability and our natural ebbs and flows.


If we want to create success that FEELS good, we must honor our cyclical nature and stop operating in robotic ways (or on autopilot).


To "manifest" is to make something real.


By getting intimate with our personal patterns and cycles, we can unravel all the ways we're inhibiting our own growth.


We can overcome our upper limit problems every time they appear...


...and positively influence our collective wellbeing by no longer hiding, reducing, apologizing for, or fearing our true selves.

If you’ve been feeling stuck, it’s not your fault
It’s your nervous system.
And we can help!


Moon + Manifest is a Collective Creation

Lola Pickett: CEO Program Designer, Lead Coach

Aside from being the public face and voice of our brand, my role on the team is to make sure that everything we produce supports our clients with their dreams, goals, and visions.

Tigre Pickett: COO Creative Director & Co-Lead Coach

In addition to leading the creative team and making sure our tech runs smooothly, he offers his potent insights and holistic perspective to our group coaching calls + community spaces.

Lauren Kasle: Podcast Manager + Customer Delight

Lauren creates delightful customer experiences everywhere she touches: from our email inbox to our private communities. She also coordinates podcast production and keeps Lola on track!

When you support yourself via our offerings, you not only invest in your own growth;
you empower us to offer better-than-living wages to our entire staff. 


Choose the format that feels best:

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to group coaching & resilience training

Our signature group coaching program Empathology™ teaches you how to support your nervous system and make lasting behavioral changes, from the inside out. Join now and hop onto our next group coaching call!

1-on-1 Spiritual Mentorship & Private Coaching

Receive in-depth mentorship as you awaken to your purpose and express your true nature. Options start with VIP days and expand to include 6 months of coaching—capped by a 5-day Soul Adventure Journey with me anywhere in the world.

On the eve of
the darkest night, let us call forth
the soul's light.

Gather with us virtually 12.20.21 as I lead you through a Soul Self Ritual.

Let’s Connect

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