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There is no “secret” to success. But there IS one requirement that’s under the surface of ALL meaningful, sustainable prosperity: 

resilient nervous system.


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I´m Lola, a holistic life coach and resilience expert.

I’ve been supporting healers, coaches, and spiritually-inclined leaders to break through their upper limits by building brain-body resilience and reactivating their wild nature since 2011.

As an expert on the nervous system, my type of “manifesting” is about boundary-setting, sensory skills, and learning how your body and brain can support you to step into your greater potential.

Internal resilience IS the foundation of the success + satisfaction that’s been eluding you.


Shift Your Perspective


Radical Client Wins

I’ve got a big celebration which I attribute to our Costa Rica retreat!

I’m feeling so aligned physically—which of course goes all the way through—and I seriously think it was the deep nourishing time in Costa Rica; which has been a real reset and realignment. Even my chiropractor noticed a huge difference from my typical state. When she adjusted my neck, it went all the way up to my C1. It never gets that far up to the top of my spine; freeing up any vagus nerve pinching.


Learning about ComplexPTSD and emotional flashbacks (thanks to Empathology™) completely changed my life – everything makes sense more and more… recognizing when I am having emotional flashbacks has helped me understand myself so much – and now they are lessening in intensity because I understand them instead of shaming myself to be ‘tougher’.


As someone who was a Perpetual Day Dreamer, I want to throw it out there to anyone else who *thinks* about doing the thing but struggles to follow through… We CAN do the things!

I am building my website, setting up my business, and my psychic gifts are on fire! Seriously, Lola Pickett & Tigre Pickett , without you, and without Empathology and our AMAZING community – who knows if or when I would have made it here.


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